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LINZ. The personal trainers of the Austrian market leader EMS MANDU do professionally what they love. Become a MANDU Personal Coach now and seize a unique professional opportunity with countless opportunities for further training and promotion.

“Personal fitness, working with people, contact with customers, innovative training and fair payment – is there anything nicer? MANDU personal trainers appreciate this fun and pleasant working atmosphere because they do what they love,” says Christian Mayrleb, Managing Director of MANDU and former footballer, highlighting the benefits of working as a personal coach at MANDU. The scope of a MANDU trainer includes first and foremost the personal coaching of members. This is holistic advice, in which the focus is always on the person.The personal coach is a health expert and works with people to become or stay fit and vital into old age. advanced.

Electromuscular stimulation and personal coaching

The Austrian EMS market leader MANDU is the perfect mix of the latest EMS (electro muscle stimulation) training and individual personal coaching. The innovative EMS technology has been used successfully in sports medicine and physiotherapy for many years and is one of the most effective training programs in the world. “With MANDU, the customer achieves their personal training goals in just 15 minutes once a week, according to the motto ‘minimum time, maximum effect’. The current stimulates the body not only superficially, but deeply. And with the high-precision InBody scales, muscle building progress is measured with each workout and the workout is individually adjusted,” says Mayrleb.

Internal training in the “Pulse of Fitness”

MANDU relies on a two-stage training and development program for the training of its coaches, premium coaches and franchisees. The e-learning platform of the internal training academy “Campus one life” was designed and implemented in cooperation with “Wirtschaftsimpulse”, an e-learning expert. In the first stage, fitness-relevant content for personal coaching is imparted using e-learning, in the second stage what has been learned is applied and deepened in practice. “After completing the training, participants have specialized knowledge of EMS devices and InBody (whole body analysis) scales as well as an in-depth understanding of the effects of the technologies and training methods used,” says Mayrleb.

Various opportunities for advancement

At MANDU, not only is the internal continuing education up to date, but also the opportunities for development are diverse. Many personal trainers who were already enthusiastic customers became personal trainers at MANDU and later franchisees or even multi-store owners. In addition, MANDU is organized as a cooperative and is therefore strong and cooperative together. This model is a first in the fitness industry and offers its franchisees the first self-determined franchise system in the fitness industry.

Austrian EMS market leader

In Austria in particular, MANDU has become the market leader in the Austrian EMS market with its franchise concept. The three Linz stores in theblossomstrasse (Linz Urfahr), in the old town (Linz Mitte) and in the Darrgutstrasse (Linz Süd) are particularly popular with both customers and personal trainers: modern and well-maintained stores perfectly located, where you can strengthen your muscles in a salon atmosphere for 15 minutes once a week.

MANDU is looking for personal trainers

“Are you curious? If you are communicative and looking for a new challenge and you love sports and fitness, you should do what you love and become a MANDU personal trainer”, invites Managing Director Christian Mayrleb.

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