Four times red – 1:2 against Darmstadt: HSV madness! | Sports

Four times red – 1:2 against Darmstadt |

HSV madness!

The evil curse of Darmstadt continues!

1:2 (0:2)! Again, HSV couldn’t beat Hessen in a home game. More recently, almost 41 years ago, on November 14, 1981 (6-1), it worked against Darmstadt with a victory at the Volkspark.

But what a crazy night it was yesterday. In the end, there was not only a bankruptcy for HSV, but also four (!) red cards.

After a few minutes the top game (4th against 3rd) was almost decided. The double shock after goals from Pfeiffer (4th) and Tietz (7th) hung Hamburg’s clothes for at least halftime.

“We started the game very badly. We were probably still mentally in the locker room,” said HSV coach Tim Walter (46), extremely annoyed.

There was only hope after the break as Darmstadt’s Gjasula was sent off with a yellow-red (58′) after kicking Glatzel in the ankle.

The majority for the Hamburgers lasted only six minutes. So Opoku couldn’t control his nerves at all anymore. The HSV joker kicked Holland in the ribs (64th) because the Darmstadt player had previously ripped off his pants. Referee Schröder had no choice: red because of a late kick.

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Hamburg’s Meffert grumbled: “What the referee did today was an absolute play for me. I heard him talking to our players. It was below the belt.” Schröder: “I found no fault on my part…”

The referee shows the red card twice more. When the HSV striker Königsdörffer hit Ronstadt in the face with his windshield wiper, there was a dismissal for assault (89th). A completely exaggerated decision. HSV sporting director Jonas Boldt, who was demonstrating on the pitch, also flew – with yellow and red.

Boldt after the match: “First and foremost, I’m happy to have emotions and to always defend my colors. There are rules that I have to follow. But of course I was upset by the red card because, for me, it’s not a red card.”

Referee Schröder on the HSV striker’s suspension: “There was a distinct wiping motion on his opponent’s face. Trying is enough.”

The fact that Königsdörffer scored just before being sent off to make it 1-2 (87th) had no bearing on the outcome of the game.

Walter was completely pissed off. He complained in the cabin aisle just after the final whistle. “I have rarely seen a worse referee. It was sassy. “Especially because he did not give a clear penalty to Glatzel (68th). Previously, the offside was badly decided.

What a crazy night at the Volkspark!


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