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There are days when your ears flap in the wind, sometimes lying horizontally in the air behind the next dune, flapping like propellers. At least on Lakolk beach, at least here in Rømø. the wind is still blowing. Sometimes the gusts push dry wreckage in front of them, causing them to abruptly change course, while the dogs try again and again to grab these tangles of seaweed. Colorful kites often dance across the blue sky, pulling kitesurfers’ umbrellas 25 meters above the sea. North.

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During the day, dozens of mobile homes are parked directly on the beach on the edge of the dunes, walking is authorized here and you park on the hard sand far from the edge of the water. If desired, set up the folding table and chairs right next to the car, unpack the grill and stretch a line with colored flags. Because it’s so beautiful and so many people do it here. And because, after all, the wind should have something to play for. Meanwhile, who keeps the sausage on the grill? The dog traveling with you is usually responsible for it: always in the hope that it may eventually be destined for him.

Gentle hills and lots of greenery in the interior of the island: Dog walking on Rømø…

Gentle hills and lots of greenery interior of the island: round dog on Rome Image: Helge Sobik

This afternoon it’s a cocker spaniel next to a motorhome with Wuppertal license plates who seems to have found his calling there – and has absolutely no eyes for the three furry black retrievers dish who have just swum in the North Sea and are soaked in its trotting territory. Don’t they think the grill is interesting? The three have other things in mind: swim back quickly, where the border collie is! Past the motorhomes, RVs, cars, grills, dogs, and pork neck steaks. Basically, there are never any conflicts. First, there is plenty of space for everyone, and second, dogs must be kept on a leash in the summer months. It limits play and fun, but no one has specified how short the leash should be.

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Hans Juergen Emmerich

Rømø is the southernmost Danish island in the North Sea, connected to the mainland by road via a 9.2 kilometer long dam and about a third larger than the neighboring German island of Sylt. There is even a ferry line from Havneby to List on Sylt. The two ships currently travel the route in each direction up to 16 times a day, and they need a good 40 minutes to pass.

Rømø is pretty much the opposite of Sylt. There are only a few hotel rooms, no luxury hotels at all, relatively little gastronomy, no fancy restaurants, but sandwiches, soft ice cream, smoked fish snacks. And great cream cakes at Antik Café! Seeing and being seen plays no role here. Anyone who wants to run designer brands is in the wrong place. It’s more about sobriety, all-weather clothing, vacation looks and swimwear.

Rømø is peace, distance, space, it’s beach life, the Wadden Sea, moorland, even forest, it’s dunes, salt marshes, a few cows and sheep , a few horses, gnarled spruces, cycle paths – and vacation homes. Less than 600 residents live here all year round, and those who come as guests go to a campsite or rent a vacation home. Hundreds of them squat in the valleys of the dune landscape, mostly on large plots of land, with free space all around and no fences for neighbors, because that would be too German and the Danes also have need some wild growth as a property line. In the meantime, the three Flat Coated Retrievers have just come to an agreement with the Bobtail of the neighboring house where exactly this invisible line runs, purely amicably of course. From then on, each party adheres to it as if there were a binding international treaty and not even ball games in front of the Bobtail Terrace or Frisbee flights on the Retriever property cause an unwanted rush from next door. Not only are these here, but the dogs also seem totally relaxed – probably because their masters and mistresses are too. And because you can sound the alarm instead if the wood grouse lands on the grassy roof of the empty holiday home opposite and settles there comfortably for hours.

Or when the pheasants are stirring, the big hares are making their rounds or the oddly relaxed deer are crossing the property at dusk and seem to see who is still dreaming there in a deck chair and about to pull out a serving of red fruit jelly vanilla danish sauce for late dessert. Or they see if the big black dogs couldn’t telepathically start the Frisbee disk that was parked a long time ago, just with looks and a firm will. Same time on Lakolk beach? A few young people are still squatting by the light of a kerosene lamp on the edge of the dunes, one has taken out his guitar, plays and sings for the others – and for the Border Collie in the morning. The kite umbrellas are neatly stored until the next morning the motorhomes have driven to the pitches in the area for the night. The wind has freshened. Far away, somewhere ahead in the dark, real waves are breaking now. With all the noise that goes with it. As if the North Sea decided to let things get a little wilder at night.

The award-winning Algarve The Portuguese Algarve is back with…

Award-winning Algarve

Portuguese Algarve is again the best with the coveted “World Travel Award”. destination beach in Europe been awarded. The coastal region of the country Atlantic once again sat against competitors such as Marbella and Majorca in Spain as well as Greek Corfu through. The Word Travel Award is considered the Oscar of tourism branch and is determined by a broad vote among travel professionals, media representatives and end consumers. You can find more information about the awards and individual destinations at: and NC

Mimi does without a thriller. . .

If you still have a mystery novel in your vacation luggage, you should pack your bags as soon as possible. Car from October 20 to 31, 2022 in Austria Carinthia a crime fest. There are twelve days of exciting and captivating readings (from dark psychological thrillers to popular serial investigators) on 26 exciting crime scenes in the Wörthersee-Rosental regions and in Villach. The authors, among others, will read aloud Bernard Aichner, Nicola Forg, Andre Gruber, Wolf Harlander and Tess Gerritsen. Further information can be found at: NC

New cruises in Lernidee

The organizer Adventure travel learning idea expanded its cruise program. New additions include a 13-day expedition cruise from West Greenland after Iceland and also a 13-day trip from Israel via Egypt after Jordan. With the new “Natural Wonders” offer Papua New Guinea“ cruise passengers travel with the Boat 17 days of Australian cairns after Papua New Guinea and further to the atolls of the Solomon Sea in the South Sea. For all trips departing before March 31, 2024, prices are fixed and dates can be booked immediately. More information at: NC

In spring !

When autumn comes to us, it begins in South Africa spring. But there are other reasons that speak in favor of an autumn visit. Elephants and other wildlife, for example, are now easier to spot as they congregate around the few remaining waterholes after the winter dry season. The offer “South Africa – Impressions” (from 3545 euros per person in a double room) by the organizer Studiosus offers an ideal mix between discovery of nature and contemporary culture. Reservation dates: October 15 – October 29, October 10, 2022 and October 22 – November 5, 2022 on the Internet at NC

Southernmost point in Europe: Cabo de São Vicente in the Algarve. …

southernmost point Europe: Cabo de Sao Vicente to Algarve. Image: imago images/Alice Dias Didszoleit

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