Formula 1: “Regime” for the Verstappen car! RB must pay properly

Formula 1: cost shock! Red Bull puts its car on a “diet” – and has to pay dearly

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This does not suit Red Bull at all. Like all the other racing teams in the Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen’s team must return every euro this year. The budget limit has been lowered again.

At the same time, the technical regulations of the Formula 1 completely overhauled. Red Bull therefore tries every day to optimize its car. Now, the “RB 18” needs to be put on a diet. But it will be very expensive.

Formula 1: Red Bull competitive – but too difficult

Part of the new rules is also the new minimum weight for cars. These must weigh at least 798 kilograms, three kilograms more than the previous year. Teams want to be closer to this limit. The lighter the car, the faster you are compared to the competition.


Formula 1 | The next five races:

  • Australia (April 10)
  • Emilia-Romagna (April 24)
  • Miami (May 8)
  • Spain (May 22)
  • Monaco (May 29)


But this is where one of Red Bull’s fundamental problems lies: if Verstappen and Sergio Perez have already shown themselves to be competitive (which rival Mercedes cannot claim), the car is still far too heavy.

Formula 1: Marko complains of having lost too much time

Red Bull is up to ten kilos above the minimum weight. On a route like Saudi Arabia, it is between three and a half and four tenths, calculates the consultant RB Helmut Marko on “ServusTV”. From then on, the Milton Keynes team considered a slimming cure for the car.

About eight kilos should fall. The problem: The conversion will be quite expensive. As the Italian edition of “” reports, you can count on 250,000 euros per kilo. Earns a total of two million euros at Red Bull.

Formula 1: Red Bull plans updates for Imola

An investment that must be well considered during peak periods. Especially since the “regime” affects the whole car, and not just individual parts. Therefore, Marko reveals, the plan is to combine lightweight construction with the updates planned for Imola.


News from the Formula 1:


“We can’t build parts twice,” he says. It would blow the budget. If Red Bull can pull off their plan, all you have to do is drive the heavy car to Australia. Two weeks later (April 24), the Imola race has already taken place. (mh)


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