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Height adjustable desks
Why an ergonomic workplace is so important

Whether in the office or at home: Anyone who works at a height-adjustable desk is more efficient, healthier and more relaxed

Since remote working is on the rise, investing in an ergonomic workplace for your own four walls is all the more worthwhile – and FlexiSpot has the right products for that.

Why is an ergonomic workstation important?

A healthy back can also delight – or what was it already? It is clear that our bodies are not made for sitting for long hours. The natural S-shape of the spine is extremely stressed, a hunched posture leads to tension and headaches, postural damage can occur in the long term – and all this does not exactly lead to an increase in motivation or motivation. ‘efficiency. On the contrary: physical discomfort can reduce our performance, which can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. All of this can be avoided so easily – with an ergonomic workplace.

Hybrid working – that is, the combination of the office and the home office – has long since become the new norm. Despite this, many workers still do not have an ergonomic workstation. Working on the couch, at the kitchen table, or in bed might be okay for a day — but it’s not healthy for the body or our motivation. Because without a proper workplace, we literally collapse, so there is a risk of tension and apathy.

Are you still working or are you already in training?

Particularly popular: height-adjustable desks, on which you can sit or stand. The FlexiSpot company, founded in 1998, specializes in promoting health at work and has developed a wide range of products for everything related to workstation ergonomics. If you spend a lot of time in front of the computer, consider a standing desk. This promotes a healthy posture and also makes you more mentally fit – because an active posture automatically leads to more energy.

Here you will find all height-adjustable desks from FlexiSpot

By the way: standing up burns a lot more calories than sitting down, which is a nice side effect. You can get even more if you ergonomic bike with laptop holder uses – this is how work and fitness can be perfectly combined. Ideal for anyone who often works overtime and can’t make it to the gym.

Small table, extendable: A desk that thinks for itself

Documents are stacked on the dining table, the cat is playing with the cable of the laptop and your child is coloring important documents? Unfavorable. Not only can a chaotic workplace distract you, especially in the home office, but the view can also be very boring. A clean and chic workplace, on the other hand, not only promotes your well-being, but also increases your motivation and efficiency. Incidentally, these are also very good arguments that could convince your boss if you do not want to invest in new office furniture yourself.

The height-adjustable desks from FlexiSpot not only offer you a modern design, but also many gadgets. The most popular models include the E7 (from 449 €) and the E8 (from 469 €) – if you don’t know which desktop is the right one for you, you can use it Online Buyer’s Guide get an overview. The ingenious: you can arrange your workplace exactly as you wish. A few features we particularly like:

• Table frame adjustable in height from 60 to 125 cm (E8)

• Sleek LED touch screen for control

• Child safety (also ideal for pets)

• Cable management system

• Various color combinations

• Many accessories, such as a matching table bike, mobile container and much more.

Life is too short for an unhealthy workplace! Many of us spend so much time every day at our desk that it should be focused as much as possible on our physical and mental needs. So much the better when design, comfort and functionality go hand in hand!

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