Five-time CrossFit Games winner reveals her diet

Michael Valentine

Tia-Claire Toomey is a five-time CrossFit Games winner and trains for Olympic bobsledding.

She says her diet is designed to help her lose weight slowly while maintaining her performance.

Toomey eats around 2,500 calories a day, including bagels, peanut butter, meat and fruit.

To lose weight, the “Fittest Woman Alive” eats a big breakfast of bagels, bacon, and peanut butter, and eats plenty of protein and carbohydrates throughout the day to support her exercise regimen. intense. Five-time CrossFit Games winner Tia-Claire Toomey shared a YouTube video on Monday showing what she ate to convert her training for the Olympic bobsled team into CrossFit training.

CrossFit contains five fitness disciplines, from weightlifting and gymnastics to endurance sports like long-distance running and open sea swimming. Therefore, it can benefit CrossFit athletes to gain muscle off-season, then to lose weight for the competition.

Toomey’s fat-burning diet is designed to lose weight slowly so she has enough energy to complete a workout, says her trainer and husband, Shane Orr. In total, she eats about 2500 calories a day. That compares to 3,000 to 35,000 calories during bobsled season.

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For breakfast, Toomey eats a bagel with bacon, two eggs, and another half bagel topped with peanut butter, bananas, and blueberries. She also takes dietary supplements. The largest meal of the day is 790 calories, with plenty of fat, protein, and carbs. According to Toomey, this meal helps her perform better. “I then have enough energy and recover very quickly,” she says.

Toomey says she relies on high-carb meals to fuel her workouts. She burns about 790 calories from snacks to maintain her energy levels throughout the day, such as oatmeal, bananas, fruit, and protein shakes.

Lunch contains 500 calories. The meals Toomey eats during a long break between workouts are high in protein and fortified with easily digestible carbohydrates. They are made from ground beef, liver and white rice and are rich in iron, zinc and vitamin A.

Toomey ends the day with a light but hearty dinner of pork tenderloin, potatoes, avocado and salad, which is around 440 calories.

This text was translated from English by Marlene Schulze. You can find the original here.

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