Fitness: Study Reveals How You Become More Motivated When You Exercise

Regular training is good for the body and the mind. It not only improves heart health but also thwarts mental illnesses such as anxiety disorders. As helpful as training is, it doesn’t get any easier for many people to tackle it with motivation. However, Finnish researchers have now figured out how to make it more fun Sports feel and can counteract this motivation problem.

Motivation in sport: According to the study, it depends on this

Motivating yourself to play sports is not always easy. Finnish researchers from the University of Turku are now trying to find out in a study why this is the case and how it can be changed.

Your result: Anyone who has survived the harrowing first days will be more motivated to tackle training. The reason for this is the evolution of our brain’s metabolism. According to scientists: inside Messenger substances and hormones that alter mood are better processed.

Unlike less active people, those who exercise regularly have a better mood when they exercise. Simply put: If you train a lot, you have more fun doing it. As a result, a positive cycle is created: if you feel good after a training session, you are more ready to tackle the next one.

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Those who train a lot are happier and more motivated. Photo: Jacob Lund on

Sport stirs up happiness hormones

That sport makes people happy is nothing new. However, the researchers now wanted to know where this cycle begins and what metabolic processes are actually causing. According to their results, supposedly μ-opioid receptors (MOR) a crucial role.

These receptors primarily respond to opiates in the body and are involved in processing feelings, stress, rewards, and motivation. Anyone who loves sports has a well-developed MOR system and can better process happiness hormones after exercise. A good MOR system is therefore synonymous with joy and motivation in sport.

The study’s lead author, Tiina Saanijoki, says, “It’s possible that some people are born with a more responsive MOR system, which leads them to enjoy exercise and be more enthusiastic about exercise. physical activity.” But she also points out that that this process can go the other way. So fun in sports might not only be innate, but you might also benefit from regular training.

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Those who are trained have more fun in sports

The Finnish researchers examined a total of 64 healthy men. They all passed stress tests and completed questionnaires. In addition, the activity of their μ-opioid receptors was measured. The evaluation showed that better trained people significantly higher opioid release in areas of the brain important for reward and cognitive processing. If you train a lot, you have more fun in sports.

According to the researchers, those who do not exercise can benefit from this knowledge. They believe that regular training stimulates the MOR system and makes it more sensitive to endorphins. So if you bite your way through the early days, is rewarded day after day with more motivation and enjoyment in sport.

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