Fitness 2022: 4 reasons for a Pilates workout

Each sport is a benefit for our body, after all sports activity strengthens our cardiovascular system and thus prevents diseases such as heart attacks or strokes in the long term. Apart from this, physical fitness strengthens our lungs, boosts morale and fights obesity, which in turn is considered a risk factor for various diseases. But it doesn’t always have to be a sweaty HIIT workout – we should also think of Pilates as a sport because of its positive effect on our bodies.

4 reasons for a Pilates workout

1. Pilates promotes healthy posture

Due to lack of exercise or sedentary work, more and more people in this country suffer from incorrect posture, which leads to long-term postural damage. These in turn can cause back pain or tension and, in the worst case, damage the spine or intervertebral discs. Core strengthening in Pilates ensures an upright posture, both when sitting and when standing. In addition, the exercises promote your own body awareness.

2. Pilates strengthens deep muscles

Contrary to this, as is often the case with “normal” bodybuilding, with Pilates we train and strengthen the muscles of the whole body without straining our joints. The special thing: We not only train our superficial muscles, but especially the deep muscles – i.e. the muscle layers that lie deeper in the body and stabilize our joints.

3. Pilates neutralizes stress

In the hectic everyday life of many people, stress plays an increasingly important role – and with dangerous consequences. Not only do we suffer from constant tension, hectic pace and worry, but in the long term, serious mental or physical illnesses such as depression and cardiovascular disease can also develop. The combination of strength training and conscious breathing in Pilates not only strengthens our body, but also relaxes our mind and can fight stress.

4. Pilates helps you lose weight

You don’t always have to do intense HIIT workouts to lose weight. A full body Pilates workout can also be effective and make us sweat a bit. Pilates stimulates circulation and metabolism, and intense sessions can burn up to 500 calories per hour.

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