Feast on the diet – Betty makes it possible!

Losing weight and not banishing all delicacies such as cakes, pies and cookies from the menu – is it possible?

In her new pastry book “Betty Bakes” reveals the many talents 70 delicious recipes How? ‘Or’ What Walnut nougat cream, curd squirrel Where buttermilk cake. Everybody in the world wants these treats diet to eat.

Who is Betty?

Pastry master, senior master, TV judge, speaker and author. Meet Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt better known as betty from TV show “The big cake”. She achieved what many dream of – losing weight without giving up. Especially in a job like this confectionery or bakery the temptation is great with all delicious ingredients such as cream, buttercream or canned fruit.

That’s why took Bettina Schliephake Burchardt the challenge of a pastry book write in which many Tasty recipes with healthier alternatives like Spelt flour Where coconut blossom sugar are to be found.

Baking creates memories

Betty connects to baked goods gladly beautiful memories. She has one with the Dobo cake. Betty already has it like child magnificent self-cooked and in Holidays in Austria eaten with family. It is therefore not surprising that this cake comes in the form healthier and more modern variant found a place in the book.

Betty’s Dobo Cake it’s not classic with a caramel layer covered, but with a delicious chocolate drop and of course berries are allowed as decoration not missing. After all, the eye eats with you!

Challenges have been overcome

the receipts with Yeast were one for Betty special challenge “Hefe and I aren’t the best of friends, so there was a particularly great feeling of happiness when it worked.” She got help from her son. He himself is like Confectioner- and master baker and a cook work. A perfect example of how diverse this Arts and crafts East. Everyone has their strengths and can use them to help others.

The heart beats for craftsmanship

Flipping through the book, you quickly realize that Bettina’s Heart for the decoration Beats. Each pastry is a masterpiece for themselves. artistic decorated and in scene together. You get it straight desire the try recipes and his own memories to create.

Bettina Schliephake-Burchardt is a versatile in his work and Lives for their Arts and crafts. It shows that you are a profession achieve a lot can and a promising Career waits. You also point to the young generation“Get into crafting! Nothing makes you happier than seeing what you’ve created with your own hands.”

thanks to cookbooks like this it will be Losing weight much easier since nothing given up must become. But that don’t mean we’re the unhealthy ones calorie bombs must banish from our lives. ‘Cause some days you need something Candy for the soul and the heart!

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