Eyebrows fall: Possible causes and advice against it

Eyebrows fall
It helps when eyebrows get tired

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Do you currently have this problem: Your eyebrows fall out? Then read here why this may be the case. Plus, we’ve got some great tips on what to do in case of eyebrow loss.

They’ve been so popular for years: full, thick brows. And if it went in the opposite direction: the eyebrows fall? If you’re one of those people whose eyebrows are getting thinner, don’t despair. Once you know the reason for your hair loss, there is a lot you can do to help your eyebrows grow back.

Why do eyebrows fall?

If the eyebrows fall gradually, there is one for that multitude of reasonsthat must be considered. In any case, you should seek medical assistance and seek a doctor who can research the causes with you. We have compiled a small list of possible causes for you here. Perhaps you can already deduce if one of the problems applies to you. Then you’re a little further down the road to fuller brows.

Possible reasons for falling eyebrows:

  • stress: Excessive and prolonged stress can lead to hair loss, not only on the head but also on the eyebrows. The reason: when stressed, the body produces hormones that can prevent hair growth.
  • aging: If the eyebrows fall, we can simply concomitant with aging to be. Eventually, the hair follicles stop producing new hair. As a result, the hairs become thinner and thinner over time and eventually stop growing altogether. This also applies to the hair on your head.
  • Dry skin: If the skin on your face is particularly dry, this can also affect the skin under your brow bone. In this case, scales form under the hair. These promote the fall of small eyebrow hairs.
  • nutrient deficiency: It is also possible: the eyebrows fall out because the body lacks nutrients. In terms of hair growth, you need to pay special attention to enough Biotin, zinc and fatty acids take. If any of these nutrients are missing, hair loss may occur – eyebrows fall out.
  • Over picking: Have you tweezed your eyebrows a lot in the past? It can do that eyebrow growth can be permanently disruptedand not only at the relevant points, but also around them.
  • Hormonal causes: During a lifetime, there are always hormonal changes in our body. This is, for example, the time of pubertya pregnancy and the menopause. But there are also phases in which certain hormones change, decrease or increase. Especially when the proportion of female sex hormones (estrogens) reduced, hair loss may occur. Then sometimes the eyebrows fall.
  • Side effects of taking medication: Unfortunately, there are also a number of medications which, if ingested, can cause hair loss.
  • skin diseases: Eyebrows fall out when the skin is affected by certain skin conditions. This is, for example, a dermatitis (inflammatory skin reaction), fungal infections Where allergic.

  • Metabolic diseases: If the eyebrows fall out, the cause may also be a metabolic disease. For example, a Thyroid dysfunction (overactive or underactive) lead to increased hair loss because the thyroid controls the hormonal balance in our body. Same at Diabetes mellitus (diabetes) it may happen that the eyebrows fall. Both diseases are in dire need of treatment, as they have other serious symptoms and side effects besides hair loss.

Falling eyebrows? You can do it

  • Suffer from stress? Then you definitely need to take a close look at your lifestyle. Maybe a new one will help management of time for a smoother daily routine. This may include, for example, making a daily plan for the next day so that work can be done in a more coordinated way. A good time management method is, for example, the ALPEN method. You can relieve mental stress with relaxation techniques such as meditation (meditation for beginners), yoga or autogenic training to counter. A few minutes a day are enough to rest in between. walks in the fresh air also help to spend the day more relaxed.
  • If your eyebrows fall, so do yours beauty routine look closely. Have you recently started using other products to cream or remove makeup? If so, that may be the cause. Then you should go back to the old product and see if the eyebrow loss will stop.
  • Since we know there is also a bad diet can affect hair and eyebrow growth, it is advisable to take a closer look to ensure that you are eating really well and balanced. If you don’t think you currently have a balanced diet, add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet to get all the important things you need. nutrient to obtain. A blood count from your doctor can also break down exactly if and what nutrients you are missing.
  • Good eyebrow care is also important! And it’s not that difficult.Simply eyebrows in the morning and evening with a rich cream or one face oil emphasize There are many facial oils that can have a very positive effect on hair growth. Same special eyebrow care products are now available. These often contain active ingredients intended to stimulate eyebrow growth.
  • Don’t pick! If your eyebrows fall out, it is better to leave the hair removal in this area as little as possible. It just irritates the skin unnecessarily. So: Don’t touch the tweezers!
  • If there is a suspicion that the eyebrows are falling medical cause can subtend you should have one doctor or doctor to visit. He or she can accompany you to find the cause.

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