Ex-BVB star Jadon Sancho ahead of his return: ‘He’s ready for the next step’

Breathe a sigh of relief to Jadon Sancho. The former BVB professional is reportedly set to return to Manchester United after personally difficult weeks.

Dortmund/Manchester – At Borussia Dortmund, Jadon Sancho was full of enthusiasm and always had a smile on his face. However, since arriving in England, the 22-year-old has lost it. More recently, the winger hit rock bottom. Jadon Sancho has been out of Manchester United training for weeks due to mental issues and fitness deficits.

Ex-BVB star Jadon Sancho ahead of his return: ‘He’s ready for the next step’

The opposite of BBC United manager Erik ten Hag has once again delivered positive news. As a result, Jadon Sancho is making ‘progress’ and is ‘ready for the next step’.

It should mean the Red Devils return to team training: “We still have a few hurdles to overcome, but I think he’s on the right track,” the 52-year-old said.

Former BVB star Jadon Sancho has been sent to Holland by Manchester United

He didn’t give a precise time for his protege’s return, but he wasn’t that far away. Erik ten Hag stressed that he is now showing great caution and patience when dealing with Jadon Sancho because “footballers are not robots”.

Jadon Sancho has had a tough time in England since moving from BVB to Manchester United. On several occasions, the youngster has been the subject of criticism. Recently, he seemed completely out of shape. The club therefore decided on an unusual measure and sent the right-footed player to Dutch amateur club OJC Rosmalen in early December.

Jadon Sancho: Ex-BVB star returns to Manchester

There, Jadon Sancho has recently worked intensively with fellow coaches Erik ten Haag. In the Netherlands, he should improve his physical condition and clear his head to get his career back on track. The measure seems to have worked. The ex-BVB star is now back at the team’s quarters on the island and is initially completing an individual fitness programme.

Jadon Sancho is reportedly set to return to team training at Manchester United.

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“No footballer is like the other and you have to approach it individually. We were of the opinion that it was the best decision in cooperation with Jadon Sancho,” ten Haag explains the strange procedure.

In the coming weeks, the 22-year-old might even return to the team at some point. After all, United’s schedule is very tight and includes a few weeks in English. However, the club will weigh this decision very carefully.

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