Eva Longoria: With this fitness tool, she melts her pounds

Eva Longoria is known for her toned body. But instead of struggling for hours in the gym, she relies on jumping fitness. It’s behind the sports trend.

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Whenever we see pictures of Eva Longoria (47 years old), we notice her well-trained dream body. But if you think the ‘Desperate Housewives’ star keeps herself in shape with excruciating workouts, you’re wrong. Because as you can see on her Instagram account, the actress is following a very specific fitness trend that not only burns a lot of calories, but is also a lot of fun. Eva Longoria jumps on the trampoline. Yes, you heard it right: Jumping fitness is the name of the trending sport that is currently making all of Hollywood sweat. Because we can reveal this: The 47-year-old isn’t the only special training fan. We’ll explain what the fitness trend is all about and how you can get started in jumping fitness.

Trendy training à la Eva Longoria: Our top 3 trampolines for jumping fitness

  1. Smart fitness trampoline from Sportstech – from 129.99 euros at amazon.de
  2. Fitness trampoline from SportPlus – from 119.99 euros at amazon.de
  3. Kinetic Sports fitness trampoline – from 53.99 euros at otto.de

Fitness trend: what’s behind jumping fitness?

This is the workout that all of Hollywood seems to be swearing by right now. Not only does Eva Longoria enjoy working out on the trampoline, but model Cindy Crawford (56) also seems to keep in shape by jumping. With jumping fitness, you jump as powerfully as possible on a small hexagonal or round trampoline. Unlike conventional trampolines, the fitness machine has a bar on the front that you can hold on to during training. Training with the fitness trampoline usually consists of alternating fast and slow jumps. Jumping fitness often includes steps from classic aerobics. So the jump will definitely not be boring!

One advantage with fitness jumping is that it is both an indoor and an outdoor workout. Most fitness trampolines are suitable for indoors and outdoors, are easy to transport and can often be stored just as easily.

These are the 3 best trampolines on Amazon & Otto

Our favorite: Sportstech’s smart fitness trampoline

The Sportstech Smart Fitness Trampoline is practically the “Mercedes” among fitness trampolines. It is foldable and comes with a step stool, an 8-way height-adjustable bar and three exercise videos for more inspiration during your workout. In addition, the device is characterized by a particularly stable construction and excellent stability. At Amazon, the rather expensive model is currently 13% cheaper: instead of 149.99 euros, it costs only 129.99 euros. So it’s worth hitting!

Sportstech Smart Fitness Trampoline

Price: from 129.99 euros (-13%)

Amazon Bestseller: SportPlus Fitness Trampoline

The SportsPlus hexagonal fitness trampoline is an Amazon customer favorite. More than 4000 positive reviews testify to the quality of the device. It can be loaded with up to 100 kg and, in addition to a height-adjustable bar in 5 positions, offers a particularly large jumping surface. Perfect for unwinding! Only downside: the trampoline is unfortunately not foldable.

SportPlus fitness trampoline

Price Tip: Kinetic Sports Fitness Trampoline

The Kinetic Sports fitness trampoline is one of the cheapest on the market, which makes it ideal for those who want to try this sport for the first time. The trampoline also has a height-adjustable handle, can withstand a weight of up to 120 kg and, according to the manufacturer, is particularly quiet thanks to the rubber cable spring system.

Kinetic Sports Fitness Trampoline

Train like Eva Longoria: That’s show jumping efficiency

Jumping fitness is a full body workout that has many positive effects on the body. The workout is designed to use over 400 muscles. Whether stomach, legs, buttocks, arms or even all core muscles – you can train your whole body on the trampoline with various exercises. Trampoline training is particularly suitable for people with knee problems. Because jumping fitness strengthens the knee muscles and ensures increased joint mobility.

With trampoline training you not only train your fitness and muscles, but it also challenges your sense of balance and improves your coordination skills. Unlike jogging on a hard surface for example, jumping on a trampoline is particularly gentle on the joints because it cushions the impact of your feet.

Can you lose weight with the fitness jump?

You can definitely shed a few pounds with show jumping. The number of calories you burn per workout naturally depends on the intensity and duration of the workout. But it’s estimated that you can burn between 250 and 800 calories per hour with training.

A study from the International Journal of Sport Science found that fitness jumping is even more effective for weight loss than jogging. Jumping on the trampoline is believed to increase the body’s oxygen supply and burn fat better than running. Well: let’s jump!

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