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Long Covid, Obesity/Stomach Shrink, Irritable Bowel/Constipation

Monday, January 16, 2023 at 9:00 p.m. until

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Food as medicine – for long Covid, irritable bowel syndrome or obesity, aboard a “houseboat practice” in the middle of the city, this coaching format shows how amazing successes can be achieved in a few months with special food.

How healthy eating can help with long Covid

Long Covid encompasses a whole bunch of symptoms.

Jennifer H. is suffering from the long-term consequences of a corona infection. According to the WHO definition, Long Covid is defined by exhaustion, shortness of breath and cognitive impairment, which also lasts twelve weeks after a corona infection. For the 35-year-old Hamburger, nothing is as before, Corona has completely confused her. Internist Matthias Riedl consults neurologist Andreas Gonschorek for this particular case. Together, they strategize for the paralegal: challenge, but don’t overwhelm. And this method should also apply to nutrition. With a healthy mix of healthy, unprocessed foods such as whole grain products, legumes, and a variety of fruits and vegetables, she should get her ailing immune system back in shape. Jennifer H. is keen to take up the challenge.

Obesity: Eat Differently and Avoid Stomach Shrinking

Two © NDR Photo: Moritz Schwarz/Oliver Zydek

Jens B. should eat fewer calories two days a week.

A referral slip to the hospital for a stomach cut is the reason for her call for help from nutrition doctors: Jens B. is overweight at 151 kilograms. His doctors see only one solution: an operation. The shock is deep in the 51-year-old man, because he knows that such an operation is associated with risks. Nutritionist Silja Schäfer shares her concerns: “An operation should not be the first way to get rid of excess weight.” But the fact is that the weight has to come down! In particular with the “menu of the future”, made up of fresh, regional and seasonal products that are processed as little as possible. Previous unhealthy carbohydrates and fats are removed. Instead, Silja Schäfer recommends the Lübeck sales manager to fast two days a week and also to demand more from his musculoskeletal system. Jens B. has to completely change his life to avoid an operation. But will he be able to implement the radical change in life and diet?

Bloating: a low FODMAP diet relieves irritable bowel syndrome

Young woman standing in the kitchen with a baby potty in her hand.  © NDR Photo: Moritz Schwarz/Oliver Zydek

Some baby food jars are among the few things Mareike B. can eat during the ejection phase.

Mareike B. is exhausted. She suffers from chronic constipation. Every day, she is tormented by severe stomach pains, cramps, and an extremely bloated stomach, which she tries to squeeze in out of shame. But all investigations leave open the question of the cause. Stomach and intestine specialist Viola Andresen, new to the Nutrition Docs team, acknowledges the dire situation of the 34-year-old from Krummhörn. Using a recognized questionnaire, she finally discovers what this mother of three is suffering from: severe irritable bowel syndrome. And the doctor also quickly recognizes the possible triggers, the artificial sweeteners that Mareike B. has been drinking in large quantities through fitness shakes for years. In order to remedy the situation, Viola Andresen advises to leave aside shakes, FODMAPs and many other products that irritate the intestines and bet on foods rich in fiber and sensitive to the intestine. Mareike B. is willing, but giving up a large part of all previous races is a real challenge for the woman from Lower Saxony. Will she be able to lead a symptom-free life again?


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