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Episode 48: rosacea, reflux, hardening of the arteries

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Food as medicine – in the continuity of this unique television format, we help people who are almost in despair because of their enormous health problems. This time with the best nutritional strategies for rosacea, heartburn, and heart disease.

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Nutrition for rosacea, reflux and hardening of the arteries: Dr. Anne Fleck answered questions in the chat. Continued

Healthy pre-cooking and heartburn prevention

doctor Silja Schäfer with Volker K. in the barge practice and looks at something on the tablet.  © NDR

Volker K.’s nutrition diary clearly shows Silja Schäfer what is wrong.

Volker K. de Vechta suffers from extreme heartburn, also known as reflux. For more than 10 years he has been tormented by burning pressure and pain behind the sternum, belching, nausea, dry cough and bad breath. The treacherous thing: Complaints are not heralded, they appear quite suddenly. Even in the middle of the night. Thus, the manager of a 42-year-old retirement home is often exhausted during the day. Nutritionist Silja Schäfer wants to change that: “I see a chance for you to relieve symptoms even without an operation.” His suggested solution is an anti-reflux diet. “Meal Prep” is supposed to help with that – i.e. pre-cook healthy meals. Instead of calling pizza service, Volker now has to swing the kitchen spoon himself. can he do it

Good for the skin: controlling rosacea

Mobile phone photo of a smiling woman with many wounds on her face.  © NDR

Sandra R. wants her reddened skin under control – without harsh pills.

Sandra R. would rather hide. She suffers from rosacea, a chronic, inflammatory skin disease. The native Austrian could no longer do without tablets. Rosacea occurs in flare-ups: with red spots, nodules and pimples of pus on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. And the pustules cause severe pain. Sandra R. feels increasingly at the mercy of her skin – despite powerful medication. That’s where internist Anne Fleck comes in: “The hard drug club treats the symptom, not the cause.” The 48-year-old woman should limit herself to three meals a day and preferably eat anti-inflammatory foods: low in sugar, low in wheat, no cow’s milk, but always more vegetables. Changing her diet will not be easy, but Sandra R. wants to do everything to finally control rosacea.

Healthy eating for the heart – how to do it, why it is useful

Oliver S. sits thoughtfully at the dining table.  © NDR

Oliver S. would like to try his luck with Nutrition Docs. He had to give up the first attempt.

Oliver S. hopes for a second chance. A year ago, he was a patient on the Nutrition Docs houseboat because of his sleep apnea. Thanks to the professional expertise of Dr. Matthias Riedl, 49, had taken the first steps towards a healthy future. Then came the twist of fate: During a routine checkup, it was determined that Oliver S. needed two bypasses. The open heart surgery hit him hard and he lost all confidence in himself and his body. But the Pinneberger does not want to let go and begins a second attempt. And Matthias Riedl supports it again: “The risk factors must absolutely disappear. Because we doctors say: after the infarction, it is before the infarction.” The strategy is to lose weight, eat heart-healthy foods, and get enough exercise. The large portions must disappear as well as the high consumption of meat. A colossal task for Oliver S., but perhaps his last chance.

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