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Eating as medicine – this time for high blood pressure, rheumatism and osteoarthritis as well as aphthous ulcers.

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Nutrition for high blood pressure, painful aphthous ulcers, rheumatism and osteoarthritis – what helps, what should I consider? Doctor Anne Fleck answered questions on these topics in the chat. Continued

High Blood Pressure: Reaching Belly Fat

On set on the barge: © NDR/Katja Gundlach Photo: Katja Gundlach

Ten litres: Matthias Riedl shows Darko B. how much abdominal fat he has measured on him.

Darko B., near Bremen, suffers from high blood pressure, which has already damaged his heart. Nutrition doctor Matthias Riedl is alarmed, he is particularly worried about high blood pressure values ​​at night, because the arteries continue to calcify, which greatly increases his risk of heart attack! Pop singer Darko B. has to surrender to fat, belly fat. A special nutrition diary shows it: his eating behavior is very dependent on his mood, he is not really hungry. He should now focus more on fiber and vegetable protein, but above all completely change his habits, which is particularly difficult. Will Darko B. pull through and ease his heart like this?

Rheumatism and osteoarthritis: moving away from analgesics

Rheumatologist Anne Fleck (left) gives her patient a teaspoon of oil to taste.  © NDR/nonfictionplanet

Rheumatologist Anne Fleck (left) found that Ute S. lacks important omega-3 fatty acids.

Ute S. suffers from severe rheumatism in her hands and feet, as well as osteoarthritis in her shoulders, hips and knees. The 68-year-old is severely restricted in day-to-day life, some days she accompanies her dogs when they go for a walk in the car. She has been taking high doses of painkillers for 20 years. Rheumatologist Anne Fleck warns that this is causing enormous damage to her health. And she discovers that Ute S. eats completely badly. In addition to eating too many grains, she regularly eats processed pork like sausages, which can increase inflammation. And it is deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. Algae oil contributes to this. In addition, the native of Brandenburg should fast two days a week. Can she implement the tight program and thus relieve her constant pain?

Helps against canker sores – burns inflamed areas in the mouth

Ingo H. types in his notebook.  © NDR/nonfictionplanet

Ingo H. meticulously keeps a food diary to get rid of his nagging aphthous ulcers.

Finally a man comes to the nutrition doc who just Aphthae is infested, with it there are small inflamed, but unpleasantly burning areas in the mouth. And Ingo H. has that more than 20 days a month. He is a captain at the Office of Waterways and Shipping in Wilhelmshaven and even has language difficulties when he has a severe case of canker sores. Internist Jörn Klasen was able to rule out certain underlying diseases and deficiencies, which is why he is now focusing on nutrition and stress triggers. Ingo H. has his own suspicions: citrus fruits and tomatoes don’t seem to do him any good. In fact, foods high in histamine can cause canker sores, according to Doctor of Nutrition. And Ingo H. eats a lot of it. Because bananas, sauerkraut or gorgonzola also contain a lot of histamine. And the 56-year-old “feeds” his mouth ulcers wheat and sugar, and he often eats bad things, especially on board. In addition to many tips for better eating, the doctor also shows him some relaxation exercises. Will the advice help Ingo H. and get rid of his annoying aphthous ulcers in the long term?

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If you want to lose weight, you have to understand why you eat. The reader is by no means always “truly hungry”. Continued

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Low in salt and lots of vegetables: healthy dishes for people with high blood pressure or the heart muscle it causes. Continued

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Little meat, but lots of anti-inflammatory plant substances: healthy dishes for people with rheumatism. Continued

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Fresh dishes with light ingredients and anti-inflammatory spices – our recipes are quick to prepare. Continued

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Recipes without acidic and histamine-rich foods are useful in case of recurring canker sores. Continued

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