Energy for the Day Through Healthy Eating: The Hype Around Whole Foods

We live in a meritocracy that often leaves very little time for healthy and balanced eating. It would be so important to stay physically and mentally fit and fit in everyday life. Because more and more people want to get used to a healthier lifestyle and overall diet despite the stress of work and family life, many companies have already adapted their products to whole foods.

More energy through proper nutrition – also for breaks and in the office. Image: Pexels, Ella Olsson

Living healthy is not a “nice to have”

As the saying goes, a healthy mind lives only in a healthy body. More and more people are taking this wisdom to heart and trying to keep their bodies and minds healthy through proper daily behaviors such as plenty of exercise and a high-quality diet. Because it is not always easy in everyday life, there are protein shakes, bars or capsules that contain many substances needed by the body and also taste very good.

What cannot be brought to the body by normal meals can be compensated by natural food supplements. For example, the American company JuicePlus+ has developed a whole line of products that not only contain all the important proteins, but also vitamins and minerals. For this purpose, more than 30 different types of fruits, vegetables and berries are used, which can be used in the production of shakes, bars and capsules. The well-balanced mixture of different ingredients provides the body with everything it needs. This way you can face everyday life with even more energy and, above all, healthily.

Healthy food – lack of time problem

Many nutrition experts recommend getting the necessary daily intake of nutrients, for example through about five servings of fruits and vegetables that fit in one hand. Sounds good in theory, but in the hustle and bustle of daily work or family life, hardly anyone can make time to eat five meals, no matter how small the portions. The Robert Koch Institute confirms that only about 15% of all women and only 7% of all men manage to consistently implement these recommendations in everyday life.

Lack of time is usually the biggest problem when it comes to a balanced and healthy diet. Unfortunately, the trend is for quick meals between meals. Fast food or a take-out menu from the cardboard tray is devoured in a hurry, if possible directly at the counter. Properly prepared, washed, peeled, cut or otherwise prepared fruits and vegetables are rarely found on a plate. To overcome this lack of fresh food with all its precious ingredients, whole foods packaged in bars or capsules can be a tasty and convenient solution.

A shake pack, the box of premium capsules or delicious bars have space in each case. During the break, you can simply take them out of your pocket and take them with you. Because they require little to no preparation, they also save time. Nevertheless, due to their composition, one is able to supply the body with all important nutrients. High-quality whole foods like those in JuicePlus+ are made from natural plants. The protein it contains, for example, is obtained from soybeans.

Energy for the whole day – no more midday dips

Many are familiar with the situation in which the body and mind go through a phase of depression in the early afternoon. You’re sleepy, your eyes are about to close, and your brain is at least kicking into high gear. The main reason for this is the digestive system, which is working at full speed after lunch. It does this by drawing energy from other parts of the body, including the brain. Since shakes or smoothies, bars or capsules put little stress on the digestive tract, they can help avoid the mid-day crash.

With high-quality whole foods containing vitamin C, folic acid and vitamin A, you not only support your immune system, but also prevent oxidative stress. This is due to the vitamin E it also contains, which is considered a natural antioxidant. The combination of different vitamins in Whole Foods supports all important body functions.

Whole foods promote weight loss

A healthy lifestyle also includes some amount of physical activity. Unfortunately, with stressful everyday life, there is often too little time for this and the dream figure for the next summer slips away a bit. We humans tend to gain weight, especially in winter. One of the hallmarks of high-quality Whole Foods shakes and bars is that they create a long-lasting feeling of fullness.

But those who are less hungry can avoid sugary or fatty fast food at the nearest kiosk. Food supplements not only promote the supply of all essential nutrients, but also promote weight loss. Because the lower the caloric intake compared to the calories consumed daily, the greater the chance of losing weight permanently.

Losing weight also has an important health aspect. The lighter you are, the less strain on your musculoskeletal system. The reason is obvious, because it doesn’t have to support so much weight. This has a positive long-term effect because bones, tendons and joints stay healthy longer and wear out less. High-quality food supplements in the form of natural herbal shakes, bars, soups or capsules can therefore make a valuable contribution to a healthier lifestyle with more daily energy in several ways.

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