Effective exercises for the stair master

The so-called Stairmaster is designed similarly to the treadmill, because you can seemingly keep running endlessly – but upwards. The movement sequence is based on the usual climbing stairs. But what’s the point of working out on the electric stairs in the gym – and how can you make it even more effective?

Climbing stairs stimulates circulation and burns a lot of calories. It is therefore ideal for losing weight and improving endurance. You can also “take the stairs” while training in the fitness studio – using the Stairmaster cardio machine. FITBOOK explains how the Stairmaster differs from normal stairs and the stepper, which is also known to gym fans – and which exercises can be used to get the most out of climbing stairs in the gym (or in the gym). home gym).

Climbing stairs is healthy

The amazing health effects of climbing stairs have been scientifically proven. As Geneva researchers z. B. has discovered that you can do a lot for your daily fitness and health if you regularly use the stairs. In a 2008 study that lasted over 12 weeks, they showed that climbing stairs improved subjects’ aerobic capacity and reduced their waist circumference, body weight and fat mass. There were also positive effects on blood pressure and cholesterol.1 Good reasons therefore to climb the stairs as often as possible.

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Advantages of the Stairmaster over normal stair climbing

And if you still prefer to take the elevator instead of the stairs in everyday life, you will find the Stairmaster “definitely a good functional solution in the gym”, says professor Dr. Stephan Geisler alias the fitness teacher . According to the professor of fitness and health at the IST University of Düsseldorf and lecturer for Olympic weightlifting, “the Stairmaster is a very useful cardio device”. For example, going up and down five floors ten times at a faster pace or training on the Stairmaster – both are effective.

StairMaster is the brand name of a fitness company that sells (also, but not only) the currently popular stairlift. Some say “electric gym stairs”, while Stairmaster has established itself for this in common parlance.

But: If you’re aiming for a maximally trained butt, for example, you’re best served with squats, lunges and deadlifts…

Difference from normal stairs – height and speed of the steps

However, there are some differences with conventional stairs. And you can benefit from it when you train on the Stairmaster. The Stairmaster has higher steps than most normal stairs. And what works on normal stairs, but not on the cardio machine: breathe in between or slow down. Instead, the stair master sets the pace. Depending on how high the levels are and how fast you train, the cardio effect can be high – even more effective than jogging.

What distinguishes the Stairmaster from the stepper

Like the Stairmaster, the stepper also simulates climbing stairs. The stairmaster is often a type of escalator that goes up. Trainees must lift their feet independently when using the device. The stepper, on the other hand, works via an elliptical motion. This makes it easier on the knees and joints than the Stairmaster. who eg. B. suffers from knee problems, can usually still train on the stepper, but better not on the Stairmaster.

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3 exercises for maximum training effect on the Stairmaster

In order to solicit different muscles, it makes sense to vary the sequences of movements. This makes training more effective – and also more fun.

  1. skip a step
    Like normal stairs, if you take two steps at a time. As a result, you will logically have to take more important steps. Next increase: increase the rate!
  2. Climb sideways
    Stand sideways in front of the device to climb stairs at nearly a right angle. Always walk slightly crosswise to find room for both feet on the steps. This is followed by the same game with the other side. When exercising on the side of stairs, it is advisable to start at a moderate pace to practice foot coordination and avoid tripping.
  3. bribes
    The tension stretches the swinging leg backwards. This variant really hits the buttocks!


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