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Big celebrations at ECDC Memmingen: He also won Game 3 of the Ice Hockey League Playoffs against the Tilburg Trappers and advanced to the semi-finals.

The feeling is perfect: The ECDC Memmingen is in the semi-finals of the ice hockey league for the first time. The Indians clearly beat the “Trappers” from Tilburg 5:1 (1:0; 1:1; 3:0) in front of 2,642 spectators at the Memminger Hühnerberg on Tuesday evening. It ended the series against the three-time Oberliga champions and big favorites with a 3-0 victory for the Memmingers. The first game of the semi-finals of the German Oberliga championship will take place next Tuesday. The adversary is not yet determined; if the Indians have the right to the house again, not yet.

The evening started with a bang: an hour before the start of the match, the Indians announced via instagramthat the top scorer in the play-offs Jaroslav Hafenrichter (nine goals, four assists) will be absent for serious private reasons. ECDC coach Sergej Waßmiller felt compelled to change his well-rehearsed attacking lines: Milan Pfalzer entered the Indians’ first attacking line-up for Hafenrichter.

Hafenrichter scored the 4-4 goal in the 55th minute in Tilburg on Sunday which sent the Indians into extra time, in which Sergei Topol scored the 5-4 winner and gave ECDC a 2- 0 after wins.

But even without “Jaro” Hafenrichter, the Indians did the right thing: they put the fast forward speed back in the third game and stormed the guest goal guarded by Ruud Leeuwesteijn. But they needed patience: in the 19th minute, Max Lukes gave the Indians a 1-0 lead. Lukes had already scored the first goal for Memmingen on Sunday in Tilburg.

Max Hermens from Tilburg receives a disciplinary sanction

And the Tilburgers? They absolutely had to win so as not to be eliminated without a word after three games. Well, they looked nervous for the first 20 minutes and conceded a number of penalties, including a 10-minute misconduct penalty for top forward Max Hermens. However, they did not seriously endanger the Memminger Tor guarded by Marco Eisenhut. And so the hosts had a narrow lead but with plenty of applause in the first third of the break.

Kilian van Gorp scored the equalizer to make it 1-1 in the 32nd minute

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In the second round, the two teams first neutralized each other. Until the 32nd minute: Kilian van Gorp surprisingly and unexpectedly scored the equalizer to make it 1-1 with a hard, low shot from behind. And as the hosts were close to succumbing to the Dutchman’s appeasement tactics, Matej Pekr rocked his side and the fans in the stands woke up in the 37th minute: It was 2-1 for ECDC Memmingen . And it stayed that way until the siren of the second half.

Has the alarm bell rung in Tilburg? The answer is no

Did the alarm bell ring in the Tilburg cabin? Did the “Trappers” realize that if they didn’t finally find a way to defeat the Indians in the ninth period of this series, it would be their last 20 minutes? The answer is no. In the 47th minute, the visitors failed to equalise, but ECDC made it 3-1. Max Lukes was celebrated as goalscorer for the second time that night.

After some defensive lapses in the first two games, the ECDC defense acted almost perfectly in game three – and if Tilburg came back, as Max Hermens did in the 52nd minute, that was the end of the line for goalkeeper Eisenhut, who became the Memminger “Spieler der series” was selected.

Shortly after, the superior Memmingers demonstrated how it is done with a double strike: Ludwig Nirschl increased to 4:1, Donat Peter to 5:1.

The big favorite had fallen, the curve of the Memmingen fans was raging as if it had not been for a long time. What an incredible evening, what an incredible series!

The journey continues for the mighty Indians, who are yet to lose a playoff game.

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