Eating healthy at the office: 7 tips for losing weight at the office

Many people spend most of their working hours seated. Movement only comes into play when you go to the coffee machine or the toilet.

And when the stress gets too much, there’s already a chocolate bar in the desk drawer.

Of course, all of this is anything but beneficial if you want to watch your own weight and eat healthy.

But you can also successfully lose weight in the office if you pay attention to certain things.

1. Set the alarm 20 minutes earlier

Although it can be difficult to get out of bed the first few days, getting up earlier will reduce your stress level in the long run.

If you set your alarm clock about 20 minutes earlier each morning, you have more time for your morning routine, you can have a long breakfast, read a book or get ready in peace.

This can help you avoid emotional eating due to stress.

2nd staircase instead of elevator

Sure, it’s tempting to take the elevator to the third floor in the morning. However, climbing stairs is better for your calorie balance.

This alone doesn’t mean you lose weight, but it’s a perfect complement to regular physical training and boosts your circulation in the morning.

3. Take advantage of breaks to take walks

After lunch, it’s also a good idea to walk a few yards, even just around the block, rather than sitting down for another coffee.

It also relaxes tired muscles and boosts mental performance. Aim to take around 10,000 steps a day.

Researchers speculate that this regular exercise does even more than run twice a week.

4. Consciously Enjoy Snacks

While sitting in front of the laptop, a packet of cookies or gummy bears is quickly crushed.

If you are hungry in the meantime, take the time to snack in the kitchen or in the canteen. This will help you eat more mindfully. A healthy snack, for example, is plain fruit yoghurt.

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5. Homemade lunch

Unfortunately, canteen food is generally anything but conducive to a negative calorie balance. It is therefore preferable that you bring your own food. This gives you the ability to prepare healthy meals that you know exactly what’s in them.

If you have enough time and a kitchen in the office, you can prepare something fresh during breaks. It’s equally important to set a fixed time for lunch that you can stick to every day. This is how you avoid stress by eating during the day.

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6. Green tea against food cravings

Don’t you wake up in the morning without coffee? Try it with green tea. It also contains caffeine, which wakes you up.

In addition, green tea reduces fat intake and prevents sugar cravings, the ideal drink for lasting weight loss.

7. Rewards are part of it

Of course, rewarding yourself is also part of it.

There’s a very simple trick to make sure the rewards don’t escalate into uncontrolled snacking orgies. Once or twice a week, prepare a small bowl of sweets or snacks that you like. You can then enjoy it all day long.

If the shell is empty, there is no more.

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