Doctor Carsten Lekutat explains how to do it on “Breakfast TV”.

Many people would like to lose a few pounds – with a few tricks it should be easy. imago/Panthermedia

Well, how many diets have you tried? Many people set themselves the goal of losing a few pounds, exercising more, paying more attention to their diet. The problem: at some point, the weaker self will win out…and the yo-yo effect will set in. What to do? Losing weight is also possible without torture, promises general practitioner Carsten Lekutat. He has now explained on Sat.1’s “breakfast TV” the tricks he used to lose 22 kilos.

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Doctor advises: With these tricks, weight loss works for the lazy

The expert wrote the book “Slim for the Lazy” – and moderator Daniel Boschmann also admits: “Losing weight for the lazy – I’m in!”. Lekutat himself lost 22 kilograms painlessly. “It’s always important to stick it out. Anyone can lose weight, but most of the time you get the yo-yo effect quickly.

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Also important: Losing weight isn’t about looks. There is beauty and aesthetics in all weight classes. “It’s a matter of health. What’s floating there, the fatty tissue, is an organ that also damages us,” says Lekutat. “It makes inflammatory mediators, it makes hormones, it’s metabolically active. .and so we shouldn’t let it waver.”

But how to lose weight without suffering? Among other things, it depends on the order in which you eat food. “It’s a relatively new discovery that the order of foods matters,” says the expert. This is comparable to drug interactions. For example, he brings the skewer with cheese and grapes.

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Cheese is a protein, grapes are healthy and contain carbohydrates. Once you eat grapes, the sugar causes the release of insulin, which in turn inhibits fat burning. But if you eat the cheese first, you inhibit the release of insulin. So eat the cheese first, then the grapes – in theory, ideally with some time in between. “Or, for breakfast: first the cheese sandwich, then the jam roll.”

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Lose weight with simple tips: Drinking before meals also helps

Another example is gummy bears — full of sugar, “straight out of hell,” says Lekutat. But: A study has shown that the effect can be lessened if the protein-rich quark is consumed beforehand. Ideally, the procedure is completed with a “15-15 rule”. Here’s how it works: Protein should be eaten 15 minutes before a high-carb meal – and after the meal, a 15-minute walk helps burn the carbs.

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Other tips should also help, such as “Water Preloading”. Half a liter of water is drunk half an hour before the meal. “It causes us to quench our thirst – and we often confuse thirst with hunger and we don’t stop eating even though we are actually thirsty,” says Lekutat.

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