Dobler City Council: Fitness hotspot should arrive by the end of May if possible – Calw

The edge of the Kurpark behind the Kursaal is set to become a fitness hotspot in the future. Photo: Gegenheimer

In a quick 50 minutes, the public portion of the Dobel City Council meeting wrapped up on Tuesday evening and some unanimous decisions were made.

Dobel – As planned in the budget, the volunteer firefighters will receive a new exhaust extraction system for the tool shed at a price of almost 12,000 euros. It is no longer possible to repair the old faulty system. Due to the pandemic, the statutes of the fire brigade will be extended to include the possibility of holding general meetings in digital form. This is in the event that a face-to-face event is not possible within a reasonable time.

More life in the park

The fitness hotspot should arrive by the end of May if possible. Due to winter experiences with tobogganers, not outside, but inside the spa park. The previously little used flank between the north side of the Kursaal, the sports hall and the tennis center has been determined. The devices with a total value of a good 6000 euros have already been delivered, and a specialized company has been commissioned to set up the associated signage. The spa park will be upgraded by facilities without losing its recreational function, according to the administration. Bernhard Kraft (PD) expressed concern about the possibility of vandalism to the devices and disruption of the peace in the spa park due to the playground nature of the device installation. Markus Driver (PD), meanwhile, welcomed the fact that more life could enter the park.

Eight VR sites

It was decided to create eight parking spaces for mobile homes in Höhenstraße. According to the mayor, there should be short-term parking for a maximum of three days. The request was supplemented by an entry from Councilman Kraft, who felt that the relatively narrow hard shoulder according to the plan was insufficient and spoke in favor of widening it. Local contractor Michael Müller explained that to ensure traffic safety and to install the power line for the power stations, individual trees would have to be removed anyway and a parking lot width of three to 3.50 meters would be created. When Kraft pointed out that when campers exit along the road there could be dangerous situations due to passing traffic, but also snow removal in winter, Mayor Christoph Schaack added that the exit should always be towards of the forest. Kraft has expressly welcomed the fact that the hard shoulder, which has now been designed at the suggestion of the local contractor, is a more welcoming location for parking than that planned last summer in the middle from the sports field and the cemetery car park, which would have removed the normal parking spaces.

No objections

The district office, forestry and hunting tenants have now been informed of the project and there are no objections. NetzeBW is currently investigating how to set up the necessary separate network connection. The utilities have already been acquired. Existing parking machines and programmable street lighting can also be used. Including the necessary civil works, now decided, the project will cost around 7250 euros extra, of which 5000 euros have been budgeted.


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