DK Metcalf is making waves with his diet

Seattle/Munich – DK Metcalf is one of the best young wide receivers in the NFL.

With his muscular build, the 24-year-old looks more like a Michelangelo sculpture than a passport holder.

As a role model athlete, Metcalf follows a strict diet, or so you think.

DK Metcalf: Model athlete thanks to a special diet

“I’m more of a candy type,” the Seahawks star revealed with a mischievous grin on NBA Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett’s KG Certified podcast. When the basketball legend asked him about his diet, the youngster immediately clarified that he was probably the worst person to ask such a question.

” What are you ? Garnett blurted, staring at Metcalf in disbelief.

When the catcher explained his daily diet, the former Boston Celtics player nearly fell out of his chair: “I eat one meal a day, drink a coffee and then treat myself to three or four packets of candy.”

It doesn’t have to be just any candy, Metcalf assured, he has a very clear preference: “I’m more of a rubber type.”

The daily routine from an NFL star’s perspective

In addition to the “Lifesavers”, a kind of ring-shaped gummy bears, the popular “Skittles” are also on the menu of the young man of 24 years.

“Yesterday I got up and did two workouts,” Metcalf began describing his daily routine. After showering, he was hungry for the first time and then “strengthened” himself with a coffee: “I can last until 4 or 5 p.m. with this.”

“Then at 4:30 p.m. I treated myself to some candy and a water,” he continued, as Garnett grimaced more and more.

“For example, yesterday I received the gummy bears from Skittles and Lifesavers Creations. The packets are the same size, so I mix them up. It keeps me full until 8 p.m., then I have dinner.”

“And that really is an everyday thing with you,” Garnett asked in wonder. “Yeah, yeah. I’m just a candy lover.”

DK Metcalf: candy lover with big goals

DK Metcalf is unlikely to become a nutritionist again, and a revolution in the world of sports nutrition is unlikely to materialize.

Along with his NFL goals, the 24-year-old is chasing another dream. “So we can expect to see a DK Metcalf candy mix one day,” Garnett inquired curiously.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” the Seahawks star confirmed with a big smile.

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