Diet not working? With these 5 tips, you will put an end to the loss of weight

The diet worked well at first, but for some time now nothing is noticeable on the scale. Despite exercise and a healthy diet, you no longer lose weight. We’ll explain what it can be and how you can change it.

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You have started exercising again and are sticking to your diet. However, nothing happens, the judgment is announced on the scale. Before you despair, we want to assure you that there may be good reasons for this.

5 Reasons Why You’re Stuck When Losing Weight

1. You eat too little

Eating too little during a diet? Yes, you read that right. It is typical that when you start a diet, you lose weight quickly and then suddenly everything stagnates. This is especially true when you are on a crash diet or an unbalanced diet. Your body treats the diet change as an emergency. It automatically calculates the actual caloric need and adjusts the metabolism. It defends the weight that your scale indicates.

Solution: If you notice after a short time that the scale stops moving, you should change your diet. Eat fewer unhealthy, but more complex carbohydrates.

Don’t skimp on breakfast as it will make you fall into a blood sugar trap and develop food cravings. Calculate your BMR and follow a moderate calorie deficit diet.

2. Your food doesn’t fill you up

Eating enough is important. Eat so much with the main meals that a pleasant feeling of satiety sets in. It’s the only way to go from one meal to another.

Solution: Listen to your body and recreate the feeling that you had as a child while eating. Back then, you ate until you were full. This eating behavior is called intuitive eating. Unfortunately, as we get older, we put it off.

For this, it is important that you are slow. Your body needs a few minutes to thank you for the food you ate with a feeling of fullness.

3. You don’t know how much you eat

When you arrange your food on your plate, you probably don’t even know what the serving sizes of the individual components should be. It becomes even more difficult for you when cooking from recipes with inaccurate quantities.

For you to really lose weight, you have to take care of the food. Find out how much of each food component is good for you, how many calories it contains and, especially for the evening, what is the carbohydrate content of the serving.

Solution: In addition to a food diary, nutrition advice often recommends the use of tracking apps. You’ll learn what portion sizes are good for you and what foods you should avoid.

4. You’ll overcome the plateau if you adjust your caloric needs

Many people want to lose weight. Especially after holidays, this desire arises. However, some forget that the body adapts to the change in diet.

Solution: Calculate your basal metabolism at the start of your change in nutrition, diet or training. After about six weeks, you should recalculate it with your new weight. Then increase your movement. This also increases energy consumption.

5. Your diet isn’t working and you’re not losing weight because you’re too stressed.

You probably know that stress is unhealthy. If you want to lose weight, stress doesn’t just have a negative effect on your health. It also really prevents you from losing weight.

With constant stress, your cortisol level constantly increases. Unfortunately, this leads, among other things, to the fact that fat reserves are retained. Your body only burns blood sugar from muscle and fat cells. It stays away from liver deposits, where stored fat is located. Stressful situations are served, but fat loss does not take place.

Solution: If you live a stressful daily life, you must learn to relax. Look for relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, or progressive muscle relaxation. Relax regularly. It relieves stress and brings cortisol levels down.

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