Diagnosing diabetes: learning from “experienced” patients

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Have you or your child been diagnosed with diabetes? Then you should know these tips from “veterans”.

A diagnosis of diabetes is a shock to many. Those affected are preoccupied with questions and concerns: Will I have this disease forever? Should I be on a permanent diet? in the Pharmacy magazine “Diabetes Advisor” to give people who deal with diabetes on a daily basis, whether themselves, as parents or as counsellors, useful advice on how to properly manage the disease.

Psychological support is important

By the way: after being diagnosed with diabetes, people often feel guilty – especially with type 2 patients, Eva Küstner experiences this, Diabetes psychologist in Gau-Bischofsheim, very often. This is often explained by statements from doctors such as “Now you really need to lose weight!” further strengthened. But patients should rather supports Küstner appeals: “Everyone knows losing weight is hard and takes time. your own habits slowly changing.”

According to Küstner, diabetes counselors are very important in this respect Personal Matters respond and be accessible for concerns. Oliver Silberberg can confirm this: “I never thought I would get nutritional advice and… psychological care need, but it really helped me. Alone, you often feel quite helpless.”

Keeping a Diabetes Diary Can Help

As regular support sports program recommends Heidrun Täubig in the “Diabetes Guide”: “Find allies. You can team up with a friend in the sports Club sign up and set dates for the training.” Leo Teschner, 14, is also interested in sports good experiences made: “I like to play football or do bodybuilding. It’s good, because the disease is not the priority at that time.” Leo’s mother, Andrea, who is a doctor herself, helped at the start Diabetes Diary respectively.

For professionals Helmut Neugebauer has a helpful tip: “When I’m on the road for work, I eat meals at noon where I have the values ​​for the insulin administration in my head and I don’t have to calculate first.” And Kai Porschitz advises everyone concerned more serenity: “Don’t let yourself be driven crazy and deprive yourself of everything. After all, you still want to live.”

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