Despite unsuccessful diets: Thanks to her optimism, Saskia lost 98 kilos

Many failed attempts to lose weight shaped Saskia’s life story: crash diets, shakes, cures and much more – always with the same result: the weight went down for a short time and quickly went back up due to the yo-yo effect.

“I can’t do it anyway”

Discouraged by many failed attempts and steadily increasing weight, Saskia’s binge eating worsened, eventually bringing her to a peak weight of 172 kilograms.

She herself reports that until the end of 2017, she wanted nothing more than to break free from her life – a life full of limitations due to her weight and height.

What ultimately motivated her to try another weight loss attempt wasn’t a particularly trigger moment. A combination of many elements prompted her to take the leap to an easier life.

Inside, she had known for a long time that she had to do something about her extra pounds. She wanted to turn her back on the fear for her health, escape the social isolation caused by her size and finally get out of the malaise.

“It really works here”

Unlike her previous diets, Saskia chose a different path for herself. This time it should really work and be successful in the long run.

As a result, she decided not to rush time, but to view the weight loss journey as a long-term, sustainable process that takes time and isn’t over after three to four months.

Furthermore, Saskia understood that every body is different and has different needs and that a different method leads to everyone’s success.

Additionally, Saskia has incorporated movement into her everyday life. First, it was the little things like climbing stairs that made the difference.

Little by little, the sport was added, although she emphasizes that you can only do a sport for the long term if you have found a workout or a sport that you really like.

For them, it was home workouts, visits to the gym, and enough outdoor exercise – on foot or on a bike.

However, exercise and sport alone do not make the decisive difference. It is a healthy and balanced diet that is the key to lasting weight loss.

For Saskia’s diet change, there are five things she incorporated into her new routine:

  1. Nothing is forbidden, but it should only be consumed in moderation.
  2. She has to face her fear of cooking and educate herself consciously about it.
  3. Your meals for the week will be pre-planned, specifically purchased and, if necessary, pre-cooked.
  4. Food is weighed, calories are counted and the calorie deficit is maintained.
  5. She drinks enough water every day.

“It’s worth fighting for”

Saskia repeatedly insists that the number on the scale is not important. But the times when you realize what you’ve accomplished are the times when you feel lucky and realize that the perseverance really paid off.

For her, these were the times when she could finally buy clothes again that she liked and that didn’t just fit her. This was the moment she realized she no longer had to worry about the chair breaking under her weight.

The moment she realized she could cross her legs again and not be ashamed of her reflection in the mirror. The moment when she felt comfortable in her body again.

“Keep on going”

She reports on Instagram that setbacks, losses and downtime are part of her weight loss journey. After all, nothing in life goes in a straight line, quite the contrary.

On her path, which she traveled for 4 years, there were many challenges – such as holidays and vacations – in which her discipline was tested.

However, one should not be discouraged by this, but look at it positively. But always knowing that such days will pass and you can carry on as usual, she says.

In the end, Saskia lost 98 kilos and managed to overcome her fear of failure. She has also had firmer skin and proudly showcases her body on Instagram, where – in addition to her online coaching – she also inspires, motivates and coaches others with helpful tips, tricks and recipes.


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