Desire for sport and fitness – Mannheim

Fitness grumpy? Corona books? It’s not necessary, you can change that, TSV makers are sure. For viewers and people who think they can move a little more, there was Sports Night in the great hall of the TSV just next to the TV tower. It was already the sixth, the last took place in 2019, followed by the two-year Corona break.

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“We try to attract people who are interested in sport and introduce them to sport. On Sports Night we show what is on offer,” said Board Member Bernd Kupfer.

You can try a lot, for example indoor cycling, yoga, Zumba or butt, legs and butt. If you did not want to take part in classes right away, it is worth visiting the hall, which opened in 2014 and has an area of ​​4,200 square meters. “It is the most modern of all Mannheim, 20 departments practice their sport there. We even have a fencing room with all the equipment and a scoreboard. We have been organizing the international women’s epee tournament for more than 35 years,” says Holger Diekmann, president and former swordsman.

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Katja Geiler

The TSV does not have an indoor swimming pool, swimming lessons take place in the Herschelbad and in summer in the Herzogenriedbad. In December 2019, i.e. before Corona, the association had around 5000 members. “We hope to reach 4,500 by December of this year,” Diekmann said. It appears that the association has lost many members due to resignations during the pandemic, but this is misleading. “There were a lot fewer leaks than usual because people stuck with us. But almost no members followed.

During the Corona period there were strict rules as to the number of people allowed to be in a room: 20 square meters per person, so team sports are not possible. In the gym, however, the rules made some members feel good. “With the restrictions came a certain clientele who liked security. Then everything relaxed again and other people came, including unvaccinated people,” said Norbert Becker, manager of the fitness room. “But that was over a year ago, and the growth rate is now almost back to what it was before Corona.”

Kiss, the club’s children’s sports school, which aims to introduce children to sport from the age of three, is in high demand. Kiss has a capacity of 400 children, it is sold out, there are even children on the waiting list. “There is a program that children follow to learn everything. They can find what works for them,” says Becker. The groups are manageable and each has two teachers who can take a closer look at which sport is suitable for which child. This is also processed and documented in a pedagogical way.

No chance for idlers

Many young people were among the hundred participants in the sports evening. “My mum wanted to play sports with me, so we’re here together today,” said 14-year-old Lola, who plays a variety of sports. “I’m at the ballet school who rented a room here in the hall. Tonight I’m going to spin, I can imagine doing that again.” Lola also plays tennis, and even during the Corona period, the student’s couch potato syndrome had no chance: “I like move, and during lockdown I was jogging.

Katja Geiler Freelance writer I prefer to write about cultural events such as readings, plays and concerts in Ludwigshafen and the region.


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