Danni Büchner angry because she is on a diet and Joelina eats fries next to her

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While Joelina Karabas is busy eating chips, Danni Büchner tries to stay strong. Because the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is on a diet © Screenshot/Instagram/dannibuechner

Joelina Karabas seems to be making it difficult for her mother Danni Büchner’s diet. As the 44-year-old tries to eat healthy, her daughter eats fries in her presence. Pretty naughty, as the emigrant “Goodbye Germany” finds.

Majorca – Danni Büchner (44) declares war on excess pounds: The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is currently trying to slim down a bit with a healthier diet. She also keeps her hands on all the snacks. Not so easy when her daughter eats fries next to her.

Danni Büchner angry at his daughter Joelina

As she relaxes on the sofa with her daughter, Joelina eats fries. Not putting your hand in the bag yourself – an extreme challenge for the 44-year-old. Of course, that’s why Danni’s mood isn’t exactly at its peak.

But her daughter Joelina doesn’t seem to care about her mother’s diet and even tries to persuade her to snack. Pretty naughty, as the emigrant “Goodbye Germany” finds. In her Instagram story, she expresses her anger.

Joelina eats chips while Danni Büchner is on a diet

“I try to go on a diet and watch what Joelina eats. how hard it is for me If you knew how good it smells. But I try to be careful with the figure, ”Danni informs his followers. Then she tells her offspring what she thinks about eating fries in front of her mom.

“That’s really not fair of you, Joelina!” the 44-year-old said. But the pretty blonde does not seem to have a bad conscience. Instead, she also offers chips to her mother: “Here. You should share too.” But Danni tries to stay strong and politely declines the offer. “Come on, shove it. Take a look,” she then tries to take the situation with humor.

Danni Büchner satisfied with her single life

Since the relationship with Sohel broke up, Danni Büchner has been single and doesn’t seem to have any problems with it, as she now says on Instagram. So she would be better than ever right now. Sources used:Instagram.com/dannibuechner

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