Crash Diet: This alternative is healthier

March 31, 2022 – 1:20 p.m. The clock

The first beach holiday of the year is approaching? The dress from last spring is suddenly tighter than expected? Sometimes we want to shed a few pounds as quickly as possible. Many resort to the radical emergency diet. The goal is to get rid of unwanted love handles in a short time. crash. Why the method is more of a health accident – and what better alternative is there.

Lose weight fast with an emergency diet? Why is it not healthy?

A crash diet is a weight loss strategy that aims to achieve the greatest possible success in the shortest possible time. To achieve this, you consume fewer calories than your body needs over a short period of time. In order to still have enough energy, the body begins to break down its own fat stores. It’s fast and efficient – but anything but healthy.

Because in addition to reduced calorie intake, the emergency diet often only eats a certain food group. After a short time, there is a nutrient deficiency in the body. It is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • tired
  • Reduced efficiency
  • difficulty concentrating
  • breakdown of muscle mass

Thus, the crash diet is drastic and unhealthy. No amount of unwanted fat is worth putting so much strain on the body. And let’s be honest: it doesn’t even have to be – we’re leaving behind the social pressure to lose weight this year. The main thing is that you are well in your body: Confidence is sexy! Each figure is a bikini figure, and anyone can wear a sundress or crop top.

The Crash Diet Alternative: Healthier Weight Loss With Diet Shakes

If you still want to lose a few pounds, there is a better alternative: the baby diet. Here you replace entire meals with shakes or soups mixed with water or milk. This creates quickly made drinks with a creamy texture. Admittedly, diet drinks don’t have the best reputation. However, they can still be a good choice for quick weight loss.

Why is the formula diet better than the crash diet? Of course, these diet drinks are particularly low in calories. So replacing one or two meals a day with a shake will also lead to a calorie deficit. But: The powders are enriched with many important nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This way there is no nutrient deficit. If you drink two shakes a day, the pounds fall off your hips pretty quickly.

How to recognize a good diet shake?

The selection of diet drinks is huge. Slimming powders are already lining up on supermarket shelves, and there’s an even wider range of varieties and manufacturers on the internet. Deciding on a product is not so easy.

So how do you recognize a good shake? A diet drink intended to replace a meal is often considered meal replacement Mark. To be sold as such, a diet shake must meet certain legal requirements. The German Food Ordinance stipulates certain nutritional requirements and packaging instructions that such a powder must comply with in any case. Still, it never hurts to take a look at the ingredients.

The shakes contain a lot of protein to provide the body with enough energy. This is where animal and plant proteins differ. The biological value indicates how well the body can absorb and process a protein supplied from outside. Animal proteins such as whey or milk proteins have a higher biological value. However, they are not suitable for a vegan diet.

Weight loss shakes: our recommendations

Sheko brand shakes, for example, contain milk protein and whey protein concentrate as the main components. This means that the body can generally absorb and process the nutrients in the drink well. One box is enough for 25 meals – ideal for following the diet for a week or two.

  • 202 calories per serving
  • 21.5 grams of protein
  • 27 vitamins and minerals
  • Milk preparation, without oil
  • 8 flavors

Note: You should not follow a formula diet for more than three weeks without medical advice. Also, it is not recommended to replace all three meals a day at once – after a short time the body will lack the necessary energy.

If you want to eat vegan, you can use a diet shake without animal protein. Foodspring’s Shape Shake is based entirely on vegetable proteins from chickpeas, fava beans and flax seeds. To prepare it, mix 60 grams of powder with 350 milliliters of water.

  • 206 calories per serving
  • 13 grams of protein
  • Milk preparation, without oil

Acquired taste? In this article you will find diet drinks in unusual varieties.

Ciao, emergency diet! Lose weight fast with this healthier alternative

A diet formula is therefore the best choice for rapid weight loss: a meal replacement provides all the important nutrients in one serving. In order to maintain your desired weight over the long term, however, the combination of a change in diet and sufficient physical activity is essential.

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