Cobourg: This is what is missing the most in the city center

The city center is the “cultural and economic heart” of Cobourg. But: There are vacancies in important locations and many have lacked a full local supply of food. So strong, very abbreviated, the conclusion of a “physical condition check”. It was created as part of the “Strong Center Fitness Program” of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Coburg is one of five model municipalities the Free State selected for this project.

As the city of Coburg reports, the final event took place recently in Munich. “Not only was the health check presented here, but also Cobourg’s master plan for downtown revitalization,” says the town hall.

Lord Mayor Dominik Sauerteig (SPD): “An online survey, a walk through the city center and interviews with experts have provided insight into the strengths and weaknesses of our center. And this at a time when the life of the city ​​center was severely affected by Corona and the future prospects of our center were more in demand than ever “In particular, the broad participation of citizens and important actors in the city center gave us valuable information. This is how a master plan for the city center was born, which is now being successively implemented jointly. But networking with the other Bavarian model municipalities is also important for us Aspect to think outside the box and learn from the experiences of others.

The master plan includes nine fields of action: revalorization of public space, reinforcement of the residential function, city of generations, communication and cooperation between actors*, reinforcement of the local offer, implementation of a management vacancy, improving accessibility, strengthening the relationship between the city and the surrounding area as well as the revitalization of the city centre.

The Stadtmacher project group will implement this plan in the coming years. You launched the first projects, such as “art in the job advertisements” and concepts for a uniform exterior presentation of the Cobourg markets.

The master plan includes, among other things, the creation of a store in cooperation with the Coburg University of Applied Sciences, in which new retail concepts will be tested. It should “combine the advantages of shopping online with the advantages of buying locally”, he says.

Various actions also aim to improve the quality of stay in the city centre. Culinary trendsetter Andre Fordyce will advise restaurateurs to make Cobourg a “mecca for foodies”, promises the city in advertising terms. Together with young people, “drink-free places” are to be created in the city center and the campaign “Cobourg is the right place for me” wants to raise awareness of the advantages of the city centre. There will also be a start-up competition, business location management and a “qualifying offensive for landlords and real estate brokers”.

In the coming week there will be the “Fahr Rad!Tag 2022” in the city center. On Saturday April 9, everything revolves around two wheels. “Cycling is a trending topic that has the potential to have a positive effect on inner-city development,” says Anette Vogel, spokesperson for city makers. Among other things, a bike exchange, cargo bike test drives and BMX rider shows are planned.

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