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Earlier the apartments were often heated with coal and the soot deposits could only be cleaned when it was warmer outside in early spring. Even today, most people still do spring cleaning at Easter time. it is better to choose one hot, but pretty gray day, where you won’t miss much. And how motivate yourself? By remembering that Results think!

Spring cleaning: the perfect plan

Cleaning carelessly is not a good idea. Think about what you want to address and when. The more detailed the planning, the greater the sense of accomplishment. Think of a sensible order and rate enough timeso you don’t give up in frustration because you haven’t done everything.

There are different approaches. That is by activitiesFor example, first empty the cupboards, then clean all the windows and finally vacuum the entire apartment. Where from room to room. This has the advantage that it is more motivating to prepare the individual pieces.

Cleaning rule number one:

still works from top to bottom and from back to front. Dirt drops or dirty water drops can be cleaned with the last wipe.

The checklist is part of spring cleaning

While the daily cleaning routine serves as a basic cleaning, spring cleaning is the way to go. down to earth: Dedicate yourself to all the corners that you didn’t know before, the closet and the closet. To create a list, so as not to forget anything. This keeps you on top of things and ticking off individual points provides extra motivation.

Sample Spring Cleaning Checklist:

  • to clean
  • Empty cupboards, wipe them down and put them back in a systematic way
  • Remove and wash curtains
  • Clean windows and frames
  • Clean the drains
  • Beating, washing or deep cleaning carpets
  • Dust removal, even in hidden places like cabinet tops

If you want to be particularly thorough, add the following points:

  • Clean roller shutters inside and out
  • Bleed and clean the radiators
  • Empty basement and attic
  • Remove and wipe the lampshades
  • Empty the refrigerator and wash the individual parts
  • Defrost and clean the freezer
  • Descale faucets and shower head
  • Run washing machine and dishwasher cleaning programs

What cleaning products and cleaning utensils do I need?

In order not to unexpectedly slow down your motivation because the cleaning agent is empty, you should Get all the necessary utensils in advance. You can safely do without many cleaning products available in pharmacies and supermarkets. Then with some cleanses and home remedies you can remove dirt throughout the apartment inexpensively and environmentally friendly.

“My advice: Treat yourself to cleaning products that smell good and look good, then it’s more fun. The old cleaning cloth won’t do. In fact, it’s worth investing in high quality cleaning utensils because they make the job easier and faster.”

Elke Summer

What you need for environmentally friendly cleaning:

1 one alkaline cleanerwhich dissolves fats, for example detergentonly through soda ash can be improved in its cleaning power. Suitable, for example, for:

  • Clean windows (combined with a touch of spirit)
  • kitchen tiles to clean
  • Tip for severe obesityfor example on the hood: These dissolve well with oil. For a Soak a kitchen towel in sunflower oil and walk on greasy dirt. Then remove the oil film with a cloth and washing-up liquid.

2. a acidso vinegar, essence of vinegar Where citric acid. Suitable for example for:

  • the removal of limestone deposits. It’s here trick: soaking. Either you put whole parts (aerators or the shower head) in diluted vinegar essence. Or you can soak a cloth in citric acid and place it around or on the limescale deposit and let it sit for an hour.

3. a all-purpose cleaner. Suitable for:

  • cleaning smooth surfaces (also works instead curd soap)
  • baking soda. For example to clean stove and oven
  • a old toothbrush for dirty feet
  • Q-tip for special small corners

Also you need Vacuum cleaner, bucket, cleaning cloth, feather duster and rubber gloves.

Here’s how to clean properly: the three box method

The rule of thumb for clothes is this: if you haven’t worn them in a year, you can throw them away – or at least take them out of the closet for now. A proven method for emptying boxes is different:

  1. keep the box: for anything you want to keep.
  2. I do not know: for things you no longer need but want to sell or give away.
  3. Can walk away from the box for whatever you want to throw away.

If too many things end up in the storage box, just put away everything you don’t need urgently at the moment, in the attic for a few weeks or months and start the game again. What you didn’t miss can really go away.

That’s how we do it in the kitchen

First take cabinets and drawers attack: Clean everything and wipe loose surfaces with a damp cloth. Inspect it Shares, also erase them and put them back with a system. The same approach is recommended for refrigerator and freezer or freezer. these defrost and clean all parts with vinegar cleaner. Incidentally, this also saves energy – because the more ice on the rear wall, the higher the energy consumption.

Give: perfect order according to the “apothecary principle”

Non-perishable foods and those with a long shelf life find their place at the back of the cupboard. Stocks that need to be depleted quickly are at the forefront.

Good luck with these tips from Elke Sommer and “Wir in Bayern”!

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