This diet can be bad for your health

Women eat watermelon

Home page to advise health Created: 01/23/2023 04:53 From: Viviane Werg Divide Liver cancer is one of the rarest but often fatal tumor diseases. A study shows which diet can increase the risk of liver cancer. Frankfurt – Liver cancer (liver carcinoma) is a malignant disease of liver cells. Although relatively rare, it is one … Read more

10 foods that can help with the diet

Sliced ​​peeled grapefruit.

Home page life enjoyment Created: 01/17/2023 10:57 From: Anna Heyers Divide Eat as much as you want and lose weight? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. But there are some very low calorie foods and others that can help you lose weight. 1/10Admittedly, it is bitter and therefore not the most popular citrus fruit. But: As … Read more

Diet: how much do powders and pills help with weight loss? | – Guide

Diet: how much do powders and pills help with weight loss?  | - Guide

Status: 02/01/2023 5:59 p.m. Anyone who wants to lose weight is looking for quick success in calorie blockers, appetite suppressants or diet plans. But the funds can not only be expensive and ineffective, but also harmful to health. by Jessica Ostermuenchner In drugstores and pharmacies, a huge variety of preparations attracts you with the promise … Read more

How it works and if it’s good for weight loss

How it works and if it's good for weight loss

By Beke Enderstein, Certified Ecotrophologist | December 29, 2022 at 4:54 a.m. The Schroth cure is a type of therapeutic fasting that also explicitly allows wine. FITBOOK explains how fasting works and what modern nutritional science thinks about it. The Schroth Cure is a natural healing method that relies on the self-healing powers of the … Read more

Lisha and Lou looked so different 12 years ago

Lisha and Lou twelve years ago (left) and today.

tz stars Established: 12/19/2022 04:57 Of: Claire Weiss Divide Lisha and Lou have been a couple for twelve years. During this time, the two have grown together and also changed optically. This is proven by a photo from the time when today’s “Goodbye Germany” emigrants got to know each other. Mallorca – Lisha remembers on … Read more