Bundesliga: Salzburg beat Rapid thanks to Junuzovic

Luka Sucic gave the advantage to Salzburg, clearly superior in the first half, with a long shot (17th), but failed to come back before the break. In the second half, the Viennese equalized in front of 15,217 spectators through Ferdy Druijf (52nd) and they kept the game open until the end. But Junuzovic came on in the 85th minute and scored in added time (94th).

After the third round of the championship group, coach Matthias Jaissle’s side are twelve points ahead of their pursuer Sturm Graz. Rapid are still fourth, but the gap to second place, which allows them to start qualifying for the Champions League, has already increased to five points. For Hütteldorfer it was the first away defeat under manager Ferdinand Feldhofer and the first loss after five games. As in the previous season’s duels with Salzburg (0:2, 1:2), it was bitter for the Viennese that the decision was taken late. Salzburg are unbeaten for nine games.

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Junuzovic of all: The veteran is due to leave the club this summer, and he’s now scored to win against Rapid

Avalanche of opportunities in Salzburg

The injured Brenden Aaronson was absent from Salzburg, Karim Adeyemi was only on the bench at the start. Compared to the Vienna Derby, Rapid relied on three defensive midfielders, Srdjan Grahovac entered the starting line-up instead of Yusuf Demir, who was recently ill and did not make the squad. The second change was in defence, with Thorsten Schick replacing the injured Filip Stojkovic. The Viennese came into action aggressively before the break but faced an avalanche of chances.

Sucic (6th) and Junior Adamu (13th) signaled their danger very early on. Four minutes later, after an effort started by goalkeeper Philipp Köhn, Sucic was unharmed after several saves, and his left-footed shot from around 20 yards landed exactly in the far corner. After that, Niklas Hedl excelled in shots from Noah Okafor (22nd) and Adamu (34th). Okafor with the outside of the foot (33′) and Nicolas Capaldo (45’+2) still miss great chances.

Druijf equalizes out of nowhere

After the resumption, the image continued for the moment, this time Nicolas Seiwald (48th) failed to score a second goal. It quickly paid off. Rapid came back into the game completely out of nowhere.

Oumar Solet was only able to clear a cross from Moormann insufficiently, then Bernhard Zimmermann and Christoph Knasmüllner, who had been substituted at the break, were not attacked well enough, and Druijf confidently completed the goal in the surface to repair. Suddenly, the game was more open, even if Salzburg set the tone. Capaldo aimed wide (56′), on the other side a shot from Druijf was deflected for a corner after a fine counter-attack (63′).

Ferdy Druijf (Rapid) scores a goal against Salzburg

GEPA/Mathias Mandl

Ferdy Druijf beat goalkeeper Philipp Köhn in the penalty area to equalize

Capaldo, who has always been extremely dangerous on the offensive, was also unable to convert two chances in one minute (74th). Rapid relied on a five-man string at the finish, which also did its job well until added time. However, a blunder on arrival deprived the guests of the fruit of their labor. Two Rapidlers failed to collect the ball in a duel with Rasmus Kristensen, and Junuzovic slid the ball over the line from close range. Ironically, this actor who is no longer in demand for the upcoming season has become a hero.

Knasmüllner almost equalized, but shot it (97th). Salzburg have won for the tenth time in the last eleven direct duels. With that, Jaissle extended their league starting record with a 20th win in 25 games. The 20 wins in 25 games are also the best in the overall league in the three-point era. Rapid continue at home against WAC, Salzburg in Klagenfurt.

Game comments:

Matthew Jaissle (Salzburg coach): “It’s a very good victory, but also a bit happy. I’m very happy with the team’s performance. I’ve never been afraid that the match will change, I had a great faith in the guys until the end and they still believe until the last second that they can still turn the game in their favor As so often this season the odds assessment left a lot to be desired. that one or another final training session will be added. We now have a normal week ahead of us, we will approach the remaining seven games with great concentration.

Ferdinand Feldhofer (Rapid coach): “The defeat is extremely bitter, it hurts me a lot for the boys. We would have won at least one point, we could even have won the game. It’s the second time it’s happened against Salzburg, so this loss hurts even more. There was nothing emotional at the break, we calmly analyzed and made plans and reminded ourselves that we can handle setbacks. I’m very happy with the second half , we made some tactical changes, we closed the gaps more, we moved to a five-man formation, it was a good stage of development for the team.

Admiral Bundesliga, 25th round


Salzburg – Rapid 2:1 (1:0)

Wals-Siezenheim, Red Bull Arena, 15,217 spectators, SR Harkam

sequence of objectives:
1-0 Sucic (17′)
1-1 Druijf (52′)
2-1 Junuzovic (94′)

Salzburg: Köhn – Kristensen, Solet, Wöber, Ulmer – Capaldo, Camara (76th/Kjaergaard), Sucic (85th/Junuzovic), N. Seiwald – Adamu (62nd/Sesko), Okafor (62nd/Adeyemi)

quick: N. Hedl – Schick, Aiwu, K. Wimmer, Moormann – Grahovac, R. Ljubicic – Petrovic (46th / Knasmüllner), Druijf, Grüll – Zimmermann (69th / Auer)

Yellow cards: Camara, Capaldo, Sesko, Kristensen, Adeyemi and K. Wimmer, Grüll

The best: Camara, Capaldo, Okafor and N. Hedl, Moormann, Druijf

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