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What a one-sided battle…

Klitschko winner Tyson Fury (34) defends his World Heavyweight (WBC) title against challenger Dereck Chisora ​​in front of 60,000 fans at Tottenham Stadium in London.

Fury’s next title defense is a one-sided affair. Fury wins every round, overpowers his opponent at will – and in round 10 the referee shows understanding and waves him off.


Immediately after the first bell, Chisora ​​advances as announced, dives and strikes towards Fury’s body. The champion reacts and hangs on.

In the second round, things get tough for Chisora, who is put in the corner of the ring by Fury. Several hard hands fall on him. But Chisora ​​shows qualities of taker and runs away during the break.

Fury keeps pressing the throttle and firing off all the tubes. But Chisora ​​stands firm and pulls Fury near the end of round three after a stumble.

In round four, Fury downshifts one gear, Chisora ​​can recover a bit and tries again with some wild swingers.

The defending champ hits the target hard twice with his right in round 5, again Chisora ​​staggers but doesn’t fall.


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Madness of this Chisora ​​who takes one thing after another but does not fall. In round six, he even takes time and talks about being Fury.

Rounds 7 and 8 continue in one direction. Fury walks, Chisora ​​spits blood more and more often, but stays higher. Fans at the stadium repeatedly rewarded the qualities of the taker with loud cries of “uhhhh” in an almost unbelievable way.

Chisora, nicknamed “War” (in English: war) fights like a warrior, his right eye is now completely swollen – then, after another hail of Fury, the referee suddenly stops.

This is followed by an intimate embrace between the two British boxers, who were once friends but are bitter enemies on medium wave. Maybe they will get closer after this battle.

Epic pre-battle show too! After the invasion of Chisora, there is great cinema. The world champion enters the stadium with a medley of songs. The highlight: “It’s coming home.” The arena panics. At his side: his son Jake, who wears the WBC belt around his shoulders.


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