Bikini figure 2022: Great weight loss tips for women

Lose weight effectively with a calorie deficit

If you want to lose weight and get closer to your bikini figure, there are many different diets to choose from. They all promise one thing: that you can lose weight quickly and effectively. However, if you want to lose weight, you have to think long term. After all, the figure should not only look good in the summer, you also want to maintain your desired weight afterwards. Radical diets usually cannot guarantee this.

Achieving a calorie deficit is an effective, long-term method of weight loss. This means that you burn more calories than you consume. However, pay attention to your body’s basal metabolic rate. Every body needs a certain amount of calories which are used to maintain important functions. A calorie calculator helps to determine your individual basal metabolic rate: By entering your height, weight, age and other parameters, the optimal number of calories you should consume if you want to lose weight is calculated.

You should avoid these foods

Instead of a radical diet where you are almost not allowed to eat anything, you should watch what you eat. Because with the right diet, you can do a lot for your future bikini figure. One of the most important weight loss tips is a list of foods that should be taboo, at least for a while.

As you might have guessed, fast food, other convenience foods, and sweets are high on this list. The reason is unnecessary carbs and unhealthy fats. It is therefore preferable to cook yourself and with selected ingredients.

You should also avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol slows down your metabolism. However, if you want to lose weight, you need a fast metabolism. Speaking of drinks, try to ban sugary drinks whenever possible. If you’re too bored with water, you can fall back on unsweetened tea – by the way, it can also be enjoyed cold! There are also special teas for losing weight: Green tea and lemon tea are very popular.

These foods help you lose weight

Of course, there are not only prohibitions if you want to lose weight. Many foods are allowed or even help you get rid of extra pounds. Fruits like tangerines and vegetables are always a good idea. But there are also particularly well-adapted varieties. For example, avocados are a good choice. They are high in healthy fats, potassium, and high in fiber. The fats in avocado even help your body absorb other nutrients more easily. It can therefore be combined with other healthy foods.

Broccoli may not be everyone’s favorite, but its high vitamin C content and the nutrients it contains, phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium, make it a staple in healthy cooking. Not only vegetables are very popular. Fruits and berries also help with weight loss. Raspberries, blackberries and strawberries contain valuable minerals and vitamins that melt away the pounds.

Protein plays an important role in a balanced diet. Dairy products in particular are considered a good source of protein. Cottage cheese, low-fat cottage cheese and buttermilk should therefore be part of any healthy diet. If you don’t want to do without bread, you should replace white bread with wholemeal bread. Because whole grain provides plenty of fiber and amino acids. This way you will feel full faster after eating whole grain products.

Long-term diet change

If you have followed the weight loss and nutrition tips and managed to achieve the bikini figure you want, of course you can treat yourself once in a while. Because if you impose strict prohibitions on yourself, this generally results in cravings that can quickly ruin your good figure. Still, it’s important to continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle after losing weight. This is the only way to maintain your desired weight and be satisfied with your figure.

Therefore, incorporate a healthy diet and regular physical activity in the form of sport into your daily life. You should also check your eating habits: Do you eat often even though you are already full? Are you eating out of boredom? It is important that you take your time with your food even after dieting and that you chew it for as long as possible. This way, you’ll feel full faster and your body will be able to absorb nutrients better.


Getting into a bikini figure might not seem so easy at first. But with counting calories and banning unhealthy foods, you can achieve your dream figure. However, to be able to maintain it thereafter, a permanent change of food and physical activity is essential.


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