“Better than Botox”: Beauty Doc Mang explains his magic anti-aging formula

Werner Mang in FOCUS online interview: ‘Better than Botox’: German beauty pope reveals his anti-aging recipe

Diet not only plays a major role in health, but also in appearance. Renowned cosmetic surgeon Werner Mang explains what the best form of nutrition is to stay fit and vital – and to maintain a youthful complexion well into old age.

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Healthy, full of energy and beautiful – that’s how we all want to be, ideally well into old age. The basic condition for this is not only good genes, but also a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet. But now there are a variety of different nutrition trends that all promise this — from vegan diets to the paleo diet, which avoids grains and dairy, to the keto method, which bans carbs from the menu.

Werner Mang, Germany’s most prominent plastic surgeon, sees the key to vitality and beauty in pescetarian nutrition. It is based on the renunciation of meat in favor of fish and is therefore a particular form of vegetarianism in which dairy products and eggs, among other things, are also allowed. Mang explains in his new book “Eat yourself – Pescetarian the new way of life” why this form of nutrition is so good for the body.

In four weeks you feel much better

“The magic formula for a longer life is a meat-free, fish-rich diet — and for younger, more beautiful skin with fewer wrinkles,” the beauty doc tells FOCUS Online. Mang was inspired to this form of nutrition by his mother, who mainly ate fish. “She was healthy and wrinkle-free until old age and fell asleep peacefully at the breakfast table at the age of 94,” Mang says.

A year ago, he himself changed his diet and has not eaten meat or sausages since then. “Even though I have my mum’s genes and haven’t been in the hospital for a day yet, I noticed within four weeks that I felt much better,” says the 72-year-old. , who is still standing at the operating table in his clinic. on Lake Constance every day. Because while meat strains the intestines and promotes the development of colon cancer, fish is easier to digest and contains valuable nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, iodine and selenium.

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Pescetarians are healthier and live four years longer on average

“There are many studies showing the health benefits of a fish-rich diet,” says Mang. For example, a scientific study from Loma Linda University in California compared the diets of meat eaters, vegetarians and pescetarians for six years and came to the conclusion that the high fish diet was the best. A Harvard study also showed that pescetarians live an average of four years longer, says Mang.

The German Nutrition Society (DGE) also recommends eating fish once or twice a week. She does not recommend meat. The DGE’s rules for healthy eating state: “Anyone who eats meat should take care not to eat more than 300-600 grams per week.” Those who eat a lot of red meat and sausages also have a higher risk of colon cancer, writes the DGE.

Poor diet and nicotine are the biggest beauty killers

Another positive effect that Mang sees in the high fish diet is the effect on appearance. A pioneer in cosmetic surgery, he knows what he is talking about because he has been taking care of the skin for over 30 years. “I immediately look at my patients to see if they are eating meat.”

Since fish contains everything healthy skin needs, pescatarians are the most beautiful people, Mang said with a wink. Of course, other factors also contribute to a poor complexion: “In addition to poor diet, obesity and nicotine are the biggest beauty killers,” explains the beauty doc.

“Fish contains all the proteins, amino acids, fats and vitamins that increase skin hydration levels, slow down skin aging and even smooth wrinkles.” Vitamins E and K, for example, ensure the firming of the skin. Vitamins A and D, present in abundance in fish, are responsible for the elimination of free radicals by the liver. “Only vitamin C is barely contained in fish,” says Mang. A balanced pescetarian diet therefore also includes fruits and vegetables as well as dairy products, whole grains and nuts.

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Pollutants in fish – What pescetarians should look out for when buying

Unfortunately, due to environmental pollution, fish nowadays also contain many pollutants – especially heavy metals such as mercury. The older and bigger the fish, the more they store. “Eel, tuna and swordfish, for example, are highly contaminated,” Mang points out.

However, if you pay attention to origin and quality when purchasing, you can minimize this risk. “North Sea cod, for example, is low in pollution and very healthy. Fish from Lake Constance, where Mang grew up and runs his clinic, is also healthy and low-polluting. “Lake Constance is one of the cleanest bodies of water in Germany,” says Mang. Lake Constance trout is one of his favorite fish.

It is also very important to pay attention to certifications such as MSC, ASC or Bioland to ensure that the fish comes from sustainable fishing and that there is no overfishing and methods of capture or farming. pests in fish farming. “Particularly in fish farming, there are serious problems,” Mang says. Therefore, you should definitely pay attention to the organic certification of fish from aquaculture.

Pescatarians no longer need expensive cosmetics and supplements

Anyone who observes all this is not only doing something for their own health, but also for the environment, emphasizes the doctor. Because the huge consumption of meat harms our climate due to the high CO2 emissions in factory farming – not to mention animal cruelty.

In addition, this form of nutrition has another advantage: you save a lot of money in the long run. “Anyone on a pescetarian diet no longer needs expensive cosmetics or dietary supplements,” Mang points out. “Because fish is better than Botox,” says the surgeon.

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