Before “Wetten, dass..?” Thomas Gottschalk embarks on a radical diet

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Thomas Gottschalk took care of the preparation of the new issue “Wetten, dass…?”. To make sure he looks great in his costume, he has put himself on a strict diet. He got additional top-notch support for it.

Friedrichshafen – Viewers have been looking forward to this moment for months. On November 19, a new edition of the cult ZDF program “Wetten, dass..?” finally sparkles on the screens. For this, Thomas Gottschalk (77) got physically fit and went on a tough weight loss and detox diet.

Before “Wetten, dass..?” Thomas Gottschalk embarks on a radical diet

Thomas Gottschalk moderates again on Saturday evening in front of millions of spectators and is impressed by the crazy bets. But the host has also planned a nice surprise for his audience: he would have lost four kilos. The former Haribo man went on a tough diet for this.

Thomas Gottschalk took care of the preparation of the new issue “Wetten, dass..?”. © IMAGO / Sven Simon & dpa | Tobias C. Koehler

But he was not alone. He also got celebrity endorsements: “I was in Switzerland with Mike Krüger to lose weight and detox. During the fasting phase, there was nothing but terrible vegetable broth,” the host revealed to Such a rehab is nothing new for the blonde TV star.

The craziest bets on “Wetten, dass..?”

February 14, 1981: Hans Ossner manages to inflate a hot water bottle, causing it to burst.

January 23, 1988: Hubert Wenninger and his team stacked 55 washing machines into a pyramid in five minutes.

September 3, 1988: Thomas Rautenberg recognizes colored pencils by their taste.

November 27, 1993: Franz Bierbaum tears up 50 Viennese telephone directories in two and a half minutes.

March 22, 1997: Rupert Ebner climbs a 15-meter high tower with a 15-tonne shovel.

October 3, 2009: Theresa Aut and Selina Bachmann recognized 100 different types of dry dog ​​food just by touch.


Thomas Gottschalk attacks ARD and ZDF

“I’m doing it more often, that was a first for Mike. The pain shared is half the pain. And we had our wives with us, who had to check to see if the stomach was gone.” That the radical diet also had an effect and that Thomas Gottschalk’s belly really disappeared, viewers will be able to see from 8:15 p.m. on “Wetten, damn..?” see ZDF.

More recently, Thomas Gottschalk surprised with a nasty criticism against public broadcasters ARD and ZDF. In a statement, he claimed that service providers were superfluous and that the payer was “the fool”. Sources used:

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