Another Avocado Superpower: Study Proves Heart Effects

Avocado has long been considered a superfood, albeit with a poor ecological balance. If you want to avoid heart disease, you should eat avocado twice a week, according to a new study. We explain to you what is behind it.

More avocado, less heart attack

Cardiovascular disease kills 18 million people worldwide every year. According to a new WHO study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, avocados may reduce the risk of heart disease, including heart attacks. The study lasted four years and included approximately 110,000 participants.

About two servings of avocado per week, or 160 grams or about a whole avocado in total, could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 21%. According to the study, the results cannot be extrapolated to the reduction in strokes.

Avocados are so healthy

Healthy fruit with significant fats.
Healthy fruit with significant fats.
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Even though the avocado contains a lot of fat with 160 calories per 100 grams, these are “good” fats and it is unsaturated fatty acids. Beside the essential fatty acids It also contains many vitamins that the body cannot produce on its own, such as vitamin B6 and vitamin D.

Especially in Mediterranean cuisine, like this Diet Crete, the lawyer is regularly on the table. Also the oil of the fruit applies in addition to this olive oil as one of the healthiest cooking oils.

The study also looked at what happens when a quarter of an avocado is eaten daily instead of margarine, butter, egg, yogurt, cheese or processed meat. This could reduce the risk of heart disease by 16-22%. And: Even though avocados don’t have the best ecological record, they generally perform better than animal products.

Utopia says: Even though avocados are very healthy, we should not eat them in large quantities. They have come a long way to Germany and need to be grown with plenty of water. You can also do something for your own heart health with a balanced regional diet. You can read more about how avocados are healthy and harmful to the environment (also compared to other foods) here: Buy avocado or not? Important facts about the environment, organic and more

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