Aging well: sport as a fountain of youth and a remedy

Increase life expectancy through exercise, reduce cancer risk or prevent dementia? It works, and it works really well and effectively, as countless studies have now impressively demonstrated. The MeinMed evening at MedUni Graz provided information on the promising links between exercise, nutrition and health status.

GAS. We know a lot about health, nutrition and exercise – and yet it’s still amazing how healing regular, relaxed running can be: when your well-being suddenly increases significantly, the inflammation decreases or your metabolism improves. The sports physician and scientist Marlies Schellnegger presented the technical background in his lecture in a practical way and with the help of moving facts.

health knowledge for all

On the occasion of the start of the new MeinMed semester, the moderator welcomed Heike Schoenbacher also Graz city councilor for health Robert Crotzer as well as the chairman of the committee of the Styrian regional office of the Austrian health insurance fund,Vincent Harrier. In Austria, people depend too much on curative medicine and patients often lack health skills, i.e. practical knowledge of how to stay healthy Where contribute to the recovery Harrer points to the hidden potential of health care. Councilor for Health Krotzer thanked the organizing team and all the volunteer speakers who shared their knowledge during the MeinMed evenings, which were held in cooperation with the Regional media Austria and many medical universities and research institutes to be organized, to transmit.

Inactivity Pandemic

Scientific statistics point to an “inactivity pandemic”, as research puts it, because lack of exercise statistically increases the risk of death after 20 years by 56% – more than smoking (52%), poor diet (31%) and excessive alcohol consumption (26%).
Conversely, a lifestyle that includes plenty of exercise and a healthy diet can prolong life, increase the length of telomeres (protective caps on chromosomes), or even prevent diseases like diabetes and inflammation. In addition, the “light” goes on in the head: depressed moods are reduced, dementia is prevented and the ability to concentrate is increased. Important: regularity – because only exercising on weekends and not living a healthy lifestyle during the week has shown clear disadvantages in studies compared to daily 30-minute aerobic training for six months. Aerobic exercise three times a week has proven to be the most suitable anti-aging sport endurance training for about 45 minutes. Although strength training is useful for building and maintaining muscle, it is too static to be used exclusively as physical training.

Do it, feel it many times

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, only a few points can often make a decisive contribution to a better quality of life and health: regular exercise appropriate to your current fitness level; less sugar consumption; a diet with lots of vegetables, possibly more fish; occasional fasting to support cellular cleansing. For this last point, the Japanese cell biologist Ohsumi in 2016 Nobel Prize get rewarded. Important: After fasting for 10 hours, the beginning cell cleansing process become active, culminating in about 70 hours of fasting. Based on these findings, multi-day fasting once or twice a year is therefore recommended in good health. Autophagy, ie cell cleansing, is also stimulated by foods containing spermidine such as wheat germ, soy, mushrooms or peas. Secondary plant substances (especially resveratrol) counteract inflammatory processes and oxidative stress, and also reduce telomere shortening.
Rightly, the sports scientist and health expert calls scientific observation that on the Okinawa Islands Japan has the most centenarians in the world. Mainly there will be herbal ate, at that fishing often and especially natural foods. In addition, the inhabitants of the islands are consciously careful moderate diet and low meat consumption.
Whether the 16:8 period is sufficient for cellular recycling processes in intermittent fasting has not yet been clarified. In any case, it is certain that with regular and daily physical activity, lots of vegetables and a reduced consumption of sugar, we can have a simple and inexpensive solution. Fountain of Youth and Wellness Package have at our disposal that we only have to use to feel it.

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