Achieve your dream figure with these daily tips

Especially after Christmas, many of us weigh a few pounds more. We’ll show you how you can use simple weight loss tips and incorporate more exercise into your daily life.

2023 do you want to eat more mindfully?

In theory, we all know what to do to lose a few pounds: we should eat healthier and exercise more. Unfortunately, it fails again and again when it comes to implementation. But with these 5 tips for your daily diet and exercise, you can achieve your dream figure in 2023. Even small changes in your daily routines can bring big results.

  1. No-Gos: alcohol, sweets and light products
  2. Meals: timing and components are key
  3. Get enough sleep and drink enough
  4. Daily active life
  5. sports planning

eating tips

These simple tips will help you lose a few pounds without too much effort. They can be easily integrated into your daily life – guaranteed without crash diets and yo-yo effects. Would you like to change your diet to a vegan diet? We have ingenious recipes for the Veganuary!

1. No-Gos: alcohol, sweets and light products

The biggest enemy of your slimming plans are the little temptations of everyday life. Sugar in particular prevents you from achieving the figure of your dreams. However, it is not only hidden in sweets, but also in all alcoholic beverages. Also, alcohol often stimulates the appetite, so you like to have unhealthy snacks after a drink.

Stay away from light products! They lure you in with the promise of being particularly light and helping you with your weight loss plans, whereas light products often do the exact opposite. They often contain less fat but more sugar. Sugary diet products can make weight loss more difficult because sugar increases appetite and causes more insulin to be released.

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Important advice for weight loss: avoid alcohol and sweets!© Getty Images/AzmanL

2. Meals: timing and components are key

A common mistake when trying to lose weight is delaying meals. However, this makes it more likely that you will experience food cravings. Plan your meals firmly in your daily life. Don’t eat on the go or at your desk. Each meal should be consumed mindfully and in peace so that your body can truly benefit from it.

It is not only important to know how often you eat, but also what you eat. Green is the long runner against annoying pounds. Because the fiber in vegetables expands the stomach. This sends satiety signals to the brain and hunger is eaten first. If you don’t know a favorite recipe with a lot of vegetables yet, you can try the whole vegetable section of the supermarket and try a large number of recipes.

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3. Get enough sleep and drink

Studies show that lack of sleep and weight gain are often linked. 1.2 hours of extra sleep per night should mean you consume 270 fewer calories during the day. Sleep researchers recommend an average of 7.5 to 8.5 hours of sleep per night. Sleep well – sounds like a dream!

Drinking enough is also healthy and important for the metabolism. Instead of juice or soft drinks, you should drink more water each day. If that bothers you too much, you can spice up the water with flavorings like a slice of lemon, cucumber, or rosemary, or drink tea instead. These five types of tea boost the metabolism and thus help you lose weight.

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Tips for being fit every day

More exercise in everyday life contributes decisively to weight loss. But you don’t have to sweat for hours in the gym every day. Even small habits can make a big difference and increase your daily calorie consumption.

Get outdoors!  It is good to incorporate exercise into everyday life.
Get outdoors! It is good to incorporate exercise into everyday life.© Getty Images/ eclipse_images

4. Active daily organization

Anyone who commutes to work by bus or train can increase their physical activity by getting off a station earlier and walking more. This will activate your circulation and you will gain a few steps in the morning. You can set a goal of walking 10,000 steps a day. Do you use a smartwatch or does your mobile phone have a pedometer? Then look at how many steps you take each day. I bet you’ll soon take the stairs instead of the elevator?

If you sit at your desk all day at work, your circulation slows down. In order to get going again and stimulate your circulation from time to time, you can also get up regularly at work. For example, you can still make a standing call or take a detour on the way to the meeting.

You also burn a lot of calories skiing: we’ll tell you which ski areas are the best and, above all, the cheapest.

Don’t have time to exercise because you have a date with friends? Just go for a walk! Instead of sitting in the cafe, you can stroll in the fresh air with a coffee to go while chatting. Zack, a few more steps for your pedometer.

Short to the supermarket? go on foot Those who get used to walking short distances not only save themselves frequent refueling and the tedious search for a parking space, but also automatically move more in everyday life. No time? You are faster on a bike. If you are traveling long distances in the city by public transport, offer your seat to someone else and stay there. That means you’re not moving much more, but at least you’re burning more calories standing up than sitting down.

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5. Schedule sporting events

In the beginning, block off a fixed date per week where you can try out different sports and workouts. If you find no motivation to jog, you shouldn’t force yourself to do it. Instead, find an exercise you enjoy and stick with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s HIIT training, swimming, climbing, yoga or training in the living room. Only if you enjoy it are you likely to exercise regularly and thus incorporate more exercise into your daily life in the long term.


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