7 home remedies for cold feet

Cold feet are not only embarrassing, they can also be a sign of illness. You can find out here how you can use home remedies to warm them up again and what they may indicate.

Especially in the cold winter months, many people, especially women, suffer from constantly cold feet. Because as soon as the thermometer drops, the human organism first concentrates on warming the middle part of the body and the vital organs. Result: cold feet, ears or hands.

Those who use public transport or the car to get to work, or who work from home, put less strain on their bodies – which can also lead to feeling cold. Therefore, some solutions follow:

Effective home remedies for cold feet

An arnica foot bath stimulates blood circulation and warms the feet
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If your feet are icy again, the following home remedies may help:

  1. First things first: watch out for them appropriate clothing in winter. Wear thick organic cotton socks or free wool and appropriate shoes.
  2. Also to wear at home slippers. Your feet are better insulated from the cold ground.
  3. movement stimulates blood circulation: sports or simply a light jog or a walk during the lunch break warm up the feet again. Try to incorporate more movement into your daily life: when you open the window to air out the room, stretch and walk up and down several times. Stand tall and lift your knees while you wait for the kettle. If you’re already lying on the couch or in bed, bend your feet several times and straighten them again.
  4. let you in hot foot bath and soak your feet in it for 15 minutes. Point: arnica as an additive stimulates blood circulation. Especially when you have just returned home from the cold outside, a warm shower or bath will also help.
  5. spicy food reheats from the inside: dishes with Chili, black peppercurry or Cinnamon helps against freezing feet.
  6. Drink between one and a half and two liters a day (preferably water). If you regularly replenish your water balance, you strengthen your blood circulation.
  7. You can also thaw your ice feet with soft feet massage. Small massage balls with spikes or wooden rollers are ideal for this. More information on this here: Foot massage: Instructions for a relaxing massage.

These tips help with acute cold feet. If you suffer from it chronically, we recommend that you consult a doctor.

Cold feet and their causes

Knitted socks are a real gift for cold feet this winter.
Knitted socks are a real gift for cold feet this winter.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/Kruscha)

There are usually very simple reasons for cold feet:

  • Feet get cold faster when you are in winter thin shoes or socks wear
  • wet feet tend to feel cold because when moisture evaporates through the skin, heat is released (evaporative cooling).
  • Sometimes tight shoes the reason for frozen feet. These constrict blood vessels and prevent undisturbed blood flow.

Chronic cold feet: signs of disease?

Thick woolen socks keep your feet warm.
Thick woolen socks keep your feet warm.
(Photo: CC0/Pixabay/StockSnap)

In most cases, simple reasons for cold feet can be found, but they can still indicate illnesses. You should see a doctor, especially if your feet freeze almost constantly.

The main reason for chronically cold feet is a disruption of blood flow from the body. If the blood no longer circulates well and the blood supply to the feet is poor, they freeze. This can be caused by various clinical pictures:

  • A Low blood pressure can lead to a lack of blood supply to the feet. Most people with low blood pressure are also affected by cold hands.
  • Smoking increases arterial disease in the legs. When blood vessels become clogged, blood no longer circulates as it should – your feet freeze.
  • Also, cold feet can be a side effect of chronic vascular diseases such as vascular calcification. Additionally, they can access Inflammation or occlusion of vessels indicate.
  • Also Diabetes can promote poor circulation in the feet and lower extremities.
  • Moreover can hormonal fluctuationsfor example with restricted thyroid function, cause cold feet and hands.

A healthy lifestyle is important for good blood circulation: A balanced diet and lots of exercise prevent calcification and clogging of the arteries and thus contribute to healthy blood circulation.

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