6 Nutrition Tips and Healthy Combinations for Faster Weight Loss

If you’re looking to slim down fast, losing weight with oatmeal could be a tasty and healthy alternative to traditional diets. No matter how you prepare these beneficial foods, they are a nutritious and weight loss natural product. Plus, oats not only contain fiber and filling carbs, but they’re also 100% whole grains. Research shows that eating whole grains, rather than refined grains, can boost metabolism and help burn more calories. So here are some recommended dietary tips and changes that might help you achieve your dream figure.

Why losing weight with oatmeal can be a smart strategy

As with any daily activity, introducing bad habits into your morning routine can turn a nutrient-dense, low-calorie breakfast into an unhealthy meal. Do you want to stay on track to lose weight with your morning meal after all? Then you need to stick to some healthy eating habits. Just try to adapt the preparation of recipes with oatmeal to prepare you perfectly for weight loss. The following suggestions might be a good starting point.

Less carbs and sugar at breakfast

milk and fruits as suitable foods for weight loss with oatmeal

Reducing sugar is an important principle of weight loss, not to mention overall health. There is strong evidence that excess sugar in the diet is one of the main causes of weight gain. Therefore, raising your blood sugar early in the day with sugary oatmeal could become a hypoglycemic factor for more calories mid-morning. Instead of making your breakfast with brown sugar for dessert, aim for a more subtle sweetness. For example, try adding a few teaspoons of maple syrup as a low-carb sweetener, or let fruit help you lose weight naturally with oatmeal. This leads to the next tip that can make the whole process easier.

Add fruit for weight loss with oatmeal

add more fruit to oatmeal in the morning and eat healthy

Are you ready to eat fruits and vegetables five times a day? This can be a worthwhile goal for weight loss. A large 2015 study found that people who included more fruits and vegetables in their diets lost weight faster and weighed less. Berries, apples and pears in particular were associated with greater weight loss. However, getting the recommended five daily servings of such natural products can be quite a challenge unless you start early. So let your oatmeal weight loss be the vehicle for a serving of fruit. With a handful of berries, half an apple, or a layer of banana slices, you can boost the fiber content of your breakfast and fill up on important micronutrients like vitamin C and potassium.

Oatmeal loaded with additional protein sources in the morning

Sources of protein in combination with oatmeal as a keto breakfast

Weight loss experts often tout the power of protein-rich foods to cut calories. Thus, this macronutrient, which strengthens muscles and is extremely satiating, wards off hunger. Frequent hunger pangs can cause you to gain weight quickly from overeating. However, oats themselves are a surprising source of protein. Half a cup of oatmeal contains an impressive 6 grams, which is roughly equivalent to one egg. However, adding even more protein to breakfast would be an even better option for weight loss with oatmeal. A spoonful of nut butter, a pinch of seeds or nuts, or a spoonful of protein powder make a great addition to a protein-packed morning bowl.

Pay attention to portion sizes

kitchen scales to help lose weight with oatmeal

Oats are considered both a nutrient-dense and high-calorie food. Although rolled oats are a great choice for breakfast, they can also be fattening if eaten in excess. So if you want to watch your weight, stick to moderate portions. The official portion of oatmeal is half a cup. This may not seem like much at first, but keep in mind that adding liquid expands the oatmeal to about twice its original size. So here’s another tip: prepare the oats in a smaller bowl instead of a soup bowl for a satisfying result.

Adapt the preparation to the daily routine

Limit sugar intake when preparing breakfast for a diet

For successful weight loss, choose a preparation method that suits your lifestyle. For example, if you’re the go-getter type, take a few minutes the night before to make a glass of oats for the night. Or microwave a cozy bowl of oatmeal in two minutes on busy mornings. While convenience is paramount, commercially manufactured prepackaged foods aren’t always friendly to weight loss efforts. Some of them are higher in calories than indicated. Therefore, read labels and ingredient lists carefully to spot sneaky sugar levels and high carb counts ahead of time. However, you might be better off making your own oatmeal using simple, whole-food ingredients.

Choose a Variety of Foods to Lose Weight with Oatmeal

various foods for weight loss with oatmeal

Eating the same old breakfast every day can get terribly boring, even if it’s something you love. When you want more variety, it’s all too easy to skip your healthy breakfast. To stay on the path to varied weight loss, you can sometimes change the ingredients of your morning oatmeal. For example, try a new spice blend, adapt your fruit to changing seasons, or experiment with different cooking methods like overnight oats or slow-cooked oats. The element of variety will surprise you every morning and contribute to a perfect start to the day.

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