5 tips for quick and healthy cooking

Many don’t have time to cook, especially Monday through Friday. Because roasting, steaming, and baking are labor-intensive and time-consuming. Nevertheless, cooking yourself is the best way to eat well. With freshly cooked food, you know the healthy ingredients and can do without preservatives and thickeners. Also, home-cooked meals are usually the least expensive meals. But with a little preparation, cooking takes less time and fits easily into everyday life.

It’s faster with kitchen helpers

A big part of preparing for baking is chopping the ingredients. If everything is cut with a knife, it may take some time. Modern kitchen appliances greatly simplify this step. For example, the Graef slicer cuts thin slices of bread, fruit, vegetables and meat. With such a cutting machine, you can cut all the ingredients for sandwiches. This makes it much faster to prepare sandwiches for children. But food processors are also useful for hot meals. This is how the ingredients for soups, stews and other things are chopped in no time. The base of the sauces usually consists of onions, garlic and herbs. These ingredients are quickly ground in a food processor. But the kitchen gadgets are also useful as a base for mueslis, smoothies or fruit juices. In a blender, bananas and berries become a creamy mass in a flash.

Chop and freeze vegetables According to a survey, around a fifth of Germans find that cooking takes too long – so it should be done quickly. At the same time, the diet should contain plenty of healthy vegetables. Again, there’s a lot to cut before you can put the pan on the stove. The trick: pre-cut and freeze the vegetables. This is especially useful for vegetables that are only available in large chunks or packets, such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, and carrots. But who needs a whole packet of carrots for a dish? Simply cut the carrots into slices or sticks and put them in freezer bags in the freezer. Now the vegetables are already pre-cut and ready for the next hot meal. The perfect way to eat healthy while saving time.

Pre-cook meals for the work week

If you want to lose weight, you should not only play sports, but also pay attention to a balanced diet. You don’t need to cook fresh every day for this lifestyle. Instead, simply pre-cook a large batch and reheat individual servings each day. Rice or noodles for a dish are prepared in a pan. A suitable vegetarian meal prep menu is broccoli with sweet potatoes and yogurt dip with rice, for example. As a meat dish, Asian noodles with chicken, edamame beans and carrots can be reheated quickly. In principle, there is none for the preparation of meals

better or worse food. The only important thing is that it tastes great – and it’s also high in protein and low in carbs.

Healthy snacks

Healthy snacking doesn’t have to mean giving up. Once you get used to eating fruits and vegetables instead of chocolate, you will quickly lose the craving for fat and sugar. A great snack would be a packet of cottage cheese with diced apples. An equally tasty snack is hummus. To do this, cut cucumbers and carrots into thick strips and dip them in hummus. Nuts are also nutritious snacks. You can either snack on them on their own, put them in cottage cheese, or add them to homemade granola bars. A sandwich also gives you energy in between. However, only if the ingredients are of high quality. The healthiest is spelled bread with light cottage cheese and turkey ham.

Smart Shopping Lists

If you haven’t been to the supermarket, you can’t cook anything. It is therefore important to keep track of the necessary groceries and buy them on time. It works best with shopping lists. Either look in the kitchen and in the recipes directly before shopping to see what you need for pre-cutting and pre-cooking. Better yet, make a list of all your basic supplies. After all, you still need something like rice, bread and milk. This way even writing the shopping list goes faster.


Cooking should be fast and healthy because we all have a lot to do. Preparation time can be significantly reduced by using kitchen appliances. Also, pre-cut vegetables can be frozen. This means that cutting is no longer necessary the next time you cook. Pre-cooking hot dishes saves even more time. A healthy diet also means that

Intermediate snacks consist of fruits, vegetables, spelled bread and protein-rich cheese. Shopping lists shorten shopping.


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