5 tips for a successful marriage

It starts with the ceremony, continues with the good food and ends with the harmonious decoration. Careful planning is therefore the keystone and more and more couples are relying on an overall concept that connects all individual components like a common thread. It can be a very specific currency, an unusual style or a specific color palette. We have put together some tips for your unforgettable wedding.

1. Wedding planners take orders

The bad news first: planning a wedding can take a long time. The nerves of the protagonists are too quickly on edge. The good news: there are now people who take care of it professionally and take care of the organization for you. So if you don’t feel up to the task or have little time or patience, you should hire a professional wedding planner. He carefully responds to his own wishes, thinks about every detail and creates a complete plan.

However, the wedding planner cannot make a decision for you, namely the direction to take in terms of motto or concept. We present four trendy styles below:

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2. Playful Bohemian Wedding

Natural, playful, floral and certainly not a trivial celebration – that’s how bohemian weddings could be described. There are no limits in terms of design and details – on the contrary: a classic bohemian wedding thrives on many elements. For example:

  • natural
  • fancy flower decoration
  • DIY decoration
  • delicate cream shades, bright tones or dark colors accented with gold
  • house invitation cards
  • Outdoor wedding ceremony and wedding celebration in the middle of the most beautiful nature
  • arrive on horseback, old VW bus or Beetle
  • single toe sandals or completely barefoot
  • natural hair, preferably a little wild, or a casual braided hairstyle with a real flower crown as a headdress
  • Wildflower/grass bridal bouquet
  • Candles, lanterns and light garlands for romantic evenings

When planning a bohemian-style wedding, the following applies: everything can, nothing must! It also means that there is little room for long-established conventions and traditions. Instead, a bohemian wedding reflects the individual personalities of the bride and groom. The boho style stands for nonchalance, lightness and romance, but also for individuality and self-realization. Many people express their love for nature. They therefore rely on the color palette of the landscape – for example on earthy green or delicate beige. Accents can be set with apricot and rosé. In addition, attractive decorations and wooden accessories ensure a relaxed and light atmosphere. Wildflowers should not be missing either – for example as table decoration or to brighten up benches. If you wish, you can dry meadow flowers a few weeks before the wedding and use them to create individual place cards.

The typical boho wedding dress looks playful and dreamy, is made of a flowing fabric and is kept rather simple. Too opulent details have no place here. If you want something more exciting, you can opt for a bodycon wedding dress with floral lace or filigree flower embellishments. The groom can also try new things for such a wedding. A linen suit, for example in beige or light blue, goes perfectly with the bohemian bride.

3. Art Deco Wedding

Like it more opulent and glamorous? Then maybe an art deco wedding is for you. The motto here is: glitz and glamour. In the style of the 1920s, there is plenty of room for exciting dresses, chic accessories and extravagant decorations. The important aspects are:

  • the noble colors of gold and silver mix with classic black, mystical purple or fiery red
  • Shows such as dancers, a magician or jazz musicians are a must
  • a tower of champagne flutes
  • elegant table decorations with rhinestones, large ostrich feathers or fringed decorative elements
  • glamorous wedding cake with art deco elements
  • Staged appearance of the bride and groom, for example on a grand staircase or with a vintage car
  • big dance floor
  • festive place reminiscent of times past

An Art Deco wedding makes the heart beat faster for everyone who loves it, likes to be the center of attention, and likes to throw themselves into fancy dresses. The bride chooses a fitted dress with a train or a short dress with fringe in the style of the 20s. A striking headdress with feathers, a feather boa or velvet gloves go well with this. The groom is advised to wear a simple but all the more elegant black suit.

Anything reminiscent of past centuries is a suitable location. A typical ballroom, a palace or even an old factory. Different lighting moods, a tower of champagne glasses or show numbers make this type of wedding something very special. And of course, also consider a sufficiently large dance floor, because with the right swing or jazz musicians it will not remain empty for long.

4. Dreamlike fairy tale wedding

As children, many dream of slipping into the role of a princess or a prince. And you can make that dream come true at your own wedding. A fairytale wedding is all about pure romance, combined with classical music and soft candlelight. The important elements are:

  • simple but noble decoration
  • luxurious multi-storey wedding gates
  • elaborate floral arrangements
  • Staged appearance of the married couple, for example with girls scattering roses
  • high quality porcelain and gold cutlery
  • fine wines and a multi-course menu

In any case, the bride needs a princess-style wedding dress – for example, with a long train, pearls and rhinestones or tulle and lace. For the groom to keep up, he should choose either the classic tuxedo or a tailcoat. A chic alternative is a suit with a bright jacquard pattern.

Similar to the Art Deco wedding, the venue also plays a major role here. A castle, a fairytale hotel with a chapel or an idyllic but beautiful country house are just some of the possibilities. If you are getting married in the warm season, you should definitely pay special attention to flower decorations. A well-kept garden with roses, a terrace with flower arrangements and finally the table with flower decoration are ideal for this. When it comes to lighting, you should rely on warm light – for example with classic candles or indirect light sources. Chandeliers also go well with this type of wedding. A touch of Disney can evoke light blue or magenta lighting in combination with the right decor.

5. Maritime Wedding

Bathers and beach lovers can also celebrate a maritime wedding. These parties are characterized by a relaxed and light atmosphere and focus on the element of water. It is therefore better to celebrate directly on the beach. If you don’t want to get on the plane for this, you can also use a lake or river bank and create a beach feel there with the right decorative elements. Important key points:

  • simple decoration with maritime elements such as shells, sand, anchors, boats, lighthouses, etc.
  • typical maritime colors like white, blue and red
  • airy fabrics like linen or cotton
  • Beach accessories such as sunglasses, wide hats, shell necklaces, anklets & Co.
  • Seafood and fish as main foods
  • a fancy wedding bouquet with reeds or pampas grass

In this type of wedding, the motto “less is more” applies. Too heavy fabrics and bulky decorative elements have no place here. Instead, the bride, groom and guests wrap themselves in light clothing and may even go without shoes. In terms of colors, classic white dominates, paired with soothing blue. Individual accents can be set in fiery red.

The ceremony and the meal can take place outside, weather permitting. A long table with wooden decorative elements, shells and reeds immediately creates a holiday mood. Seafood, fish and fresh fruit are best served. Drinks can then be sipped from coconuts or a fresh and fruity punch will be prepared. The upturned old boats are suitable as a bar and the evening sun can still be enjoyed with deck chairs. If you wish, you can even take a boat to go to sea or to the lake, for example to celebrate the ceremony there.


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