5 Grooming Mistakes Women Over 50 Should Avoid

5 Grooming Mistakes Women Over 50 Should Avoid

1. Use wrong products

Do you use face creams, serums, etc., without first checking if they are suitable for your skin? Using skincare products specially adapted to your own skin type is the keystone of effective skin care. Mature skin in particular has different needs than younger skin and therefore needs different ingredients and/or products. Since the skin’s collagen and hyaluronic acid break down over time and it tends to dry out, it needs rich skincare products with plenty of moisture and fat. Useful ingredients are, for example, grape seed oil, shea butter or ceramides.

Ceramides are very important lipids (fats) that occur naturally in our bodies and help retain moisture in the skin. They protect the skin and protect it from drying out and infection. Using moisturizers containing ceramides can help restore the skin’s natural ceramide levels and improve skin health.

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2. Do not use night care

Do you apply your facial treatment only in the morning? The use of night care is also very important for mature skin: you need it to prevent the formation of wrinkles. While you sleep, the rich moisturizing ingredients care for your skin particularly intensively and specifically support the body’s repair processes.

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3. Forget the body

Whether it’s a peel, cream or serum, many people care first and foremost about their face when it comes to skincare. They neglect other parts of the body, such as the neck, décolletage, chest, abdomen, legs and arms, although the skin in these areas also benefits from care, as it ages and becomes drier with time. To counter this, you can use body lotion, body oils or body butter. Special body care with rich ingredients for mature skin also makes sense.

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4. Taking a hot shower

A long hot shower can be a real treat after a stressful day. However, avoid taking hot showers regularly, as this habit strains mature skin. The reason? Hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and thus destroys its protective barrier. This process promotes premature aging of the skin. To protect your skin, you should take a lukewarm shower instead.

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5. Do not remove your makeup

Are you so tired in the evening that you don’t feel like removing your make-up and cleaning your face properly? A typical mistake that many women with mature skin make. However, your skin wants to breathe and relax at night. If you don’t remove makeup properly and leave makeup on your face for too long, your skin will dry out and the collagen, which provides the skin’s elasticity, cannot fully regenerate. As a result, wrinkles appear faster.


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