5 Foods Leon Goretzka Avoids

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From: Judith Brown


Discipline is part of the daily life of professional footballer Leon Goretzka. To stay in good shape, he pays attention to his diet. You can find out which foods he avoids here.

As a national player, Leon Goretzka (27) must always be in good shape and stay that way. Not only a good physical training helps, but also a healthy and balanced diet. The football professional sticks to a strict meal plan and avoids certain foods.

Lose weight and shape: professional footballer Leon Goretzka does without five foods

Leon Goretzka (27) belongs to the German national team. The professional footballer pays attention to a healthy diet and avoids certain foods. © IMAGO/imagebroker + MIS (editing)

In an interview with the men’s magazine QG Goretzka reveals that he eats a varied diet. “For five or six years, I have found my program in which I feel the best and that I am very disciplined. It was developed with a doctor and specially adapted to me, ”says the 27-year-old. also wants to be “fully physically present” in the game, so he works very hard to maintain and develop his level of fitness. In addition to his training exercises, nutrition also plays a major role. In order to stay healthy and in shape, the FC Bayern player must of course be disciplined and also avoid certain foods.He systematically eliminates the following five products from his menu:

  • cow milk
  • Some proteins
  • pork meat
  • gluten
  • Nuts (only in certain phases)

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