4 minutes a day: The shortest and most effective workout in the world

A workout that gets you in shape in just 4 minutes a day? Yes there is tabata is the name for high-intensity interval training where you don’t need any equipment or a lot of time. We’ll show you how it works and which exercises are really difficult.

Tabata: This Is What High Intensity Interval Training Is All About

What makes Tabata so effective?

The particularity of Tabata: It is perfect for all those who like to push their limits – even exceed them! Tabata exercises are one Combination of strength and cardio elementswhich are completed at high intensity intervals.

This gives Tabata several advantages. On the one hand, it’s an incredible time saver, because you only need four minutes a day. Plus it’s amazing versatile: You can choose from different exercises and create your own power training. Next to the fat burningwhich is properly boosted, Tabata also helps to muscle building. What exactly does a Tabata unit look like?

A Tabata unit consists of eight intervals of 20 seconds each. There is a ten second pause between the two. Thus has one unit lasts four minutes. Depending on the level of training, two, three or even four Tabata units can follow one another. Where we like to be out of breath after a single unitsince ten-second pauses leave little time for deep breathing.

Tabata is always four minutes per set, but then your legs are sure to shake. Photo: Getty Images Signature visual space

What is the purpose of this high intensity training?

In principle, Tabata is comparable to a HIIT cardio workout, except there is a fixed time frame that can be tracked with additional Tabata timers. This form of interval training was invented by Professor Izumi Tabata in 1996. He tested Olympic speed skaters and found that using Tabata could significantly increase their performance.

In addition to an increase in aerobic and anaerobic performance, Tabata exercises can also ideally address the cardiovascular system. in addition it especially strengthens the muscles and gets stronger over time. Regardless of the fact that with this form of training how crazy fat can burn. Not least because the body is so stressed by Tabata that the afterburn effect is particularly high.

However, if you have just started regular training or have health problems, you should first Consultation with a doctor dungeon. The pressure exerted on the body is not entirely without it. It is not without reason that the first tests were carried out on Olympic athletes.

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Tabata burns calories like crazy, but it also stresses the body. A medical check must therefore take place beforehand. Photo: Photo: MStudioImages

Point: One Tabata unit, i.e. four minutes should be enough to get started. Stars before the eyes, shortness of breath and complete exhaustion are signs that the body is overwhelmed. You can find more information on what is called overtraining here.

These tabata exercises are suitable for intervals

With Tabata training, there are fixed time specifications that However, the exercises are freely selectable. Experts recommend using exercises that target large muscle groups and are already known. Thus, maximum training success can be achieved and injuries or incorrect movement executions are avoided.

There are no limits to your creativity when selecting exercises. That is Endurance exercises, but also strength exercises are ideal for tabata. The only important thing is that you exercises within 20 seconds of the stress phasewithout weakening.

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Mountaineer boards make us sweat and swear. Photo: Boggy via canva.com

You must register for your personal Tabata unit first choose four exercises. You can then either do these exercises as a whole and then move on to the next exercise, or change them after 20 seconds. And these exercises are particularly suitable:

  1. Mountaineers: Not sure what Mountain Climber boards are and why you should absolutely use them? We reveal more in the linked article.
  2. High knees: A straight stance, quick legs, and the incentive to really pull your legs up are key here.
  3. burpees: Many swear by this exercise, which begins with a straight jump and ends in a lying position with stretched limbs.
  4. Star Jumps: Good old fashioned jumping jacks are a popular Tabata exercise, but should be done quickly and with a tight stomach.
  5. Squat Jumps: This exercise will burn your buttocks and thighs.
  6. Twist jump: This exercise, in which the upper and lower body alternately rotate in one direction when jumping, provides fun variety.
  7. box jumps: Quick feet and straight arms are especially important in this exercise.

Very important: Before every Tabata workout, there should be a warm-up. After the Tabata exercises, do not miss a cool down and easy stretching.

Conclusion: Tabata gets you in shape in no time

Do you prefer a more relaxed approach to sport? Then Tabata, as fast as it is, may not be for you. Maybe you should try these LIIT exercises, Pilates exercises, or hula hoop exercises instead.

Do you like to push your limits in sport? Then have fun with your first or next Tabata workout! And remember: Only those who train regularly, bring their full performance and steady increases will also see ripple effects.

6 tabata exercises

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