2022 resolutions: how to lose weight and live a healthier life

Updated: 01/01/2022 – 11:10

More exercise, better nutrition
Realize the 2022 resolutions: Live healthier, now!

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Sticking to resolutions is often not easy. Experts therefore advise setting small intermediate goals that are easier to achieve.

A conscious lifestyle prevents disease and makes you feel better about your body. This year, you manage to follow the plan. BILD der FRAU has some tips.

High on the good list resolutions For the next year, many people say “more sport”, “eat healthier” and “lose weight”. Like last year. Because even if you start off on the right foot, it’s so hard to keep going! advice how you Implement your projects and goals in 2022.

Implementing resolutions: How does a healthy lifestyle work?

Realistic goals can help: model dimensions don’t have to be the goal. Achieving your personal wellness weight is much more important. Because with every pound truly lost (and not just planned), we prevent disease. Metabolism improves, the likelihood of developing diabetes decreases, joints are relieved. Blood pressure can be lowered by losing weight and the risk of cancer is also reduced – to name a few examples. This knowledge alone should motivate you.

But that’s exactly what seems to be lacking, as a study by auditing firm PwC showed: 30% of respondents think they could improve their health if they knew more about healthy behaviors like weight loss, exercise or nutrition.

The easiest way to get this information: BILD der FRAU. Another: Many health insurance companies offer programs that motivate you to exercise more. Those who participate can win prizes. The German Nutrition Society is also a good address for weight loss. At www.inform-rezepte.de she offers wholesome and healthy recipes including nutritional advice.

Not mad, but not soft either

Bet on regularity: exercise several times a week and eat a balanced diet regularly. So even small slips are not the end of the world. Go for it

Three anti-bastard strategies

  1. Formulating goals: Think carefully about why you want to exercise more and set realistic goals. Not “I want to exercise more”, but “I want to lose five kilos by mid-March” or “I want to lower my blood pressure by four mm/Hg”.
  2. Make appointments: Yoga on Tuesdays, jogging on Thursdays, cycling and strength training on Saturdays – fixed days leave fewer excuses. And if you are looking for like-minded people who will participate (you can also do this via Skype or phone), it will be hard to refuse.
  3. Reward: At each workout, five euros end up in the piggy bank. If you can hold out for a quarter year, you can afford something really nice.


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