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We ourselves are often our biggest critic. However, you can make sure so as not to judge you too harshly. Anything you don’t like about yourself doesn’t need to be changed. Knowing your own mistakes and accepting them if they cannot be changed is an important step towards the art of love each other. Observe yourself in the days that follow, then decide how you want to behave. Even though we tend to stay home when the weather is uncomfortable and prefer to stay in the warm apartment: remember how important it is for body and mind to go outside at least once a day . Circulation is stimulated and you generally sleep better.
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Business horoscope: keep these tips in mind this week

Too often, in the often stressful day-to-day working life, we find time to be able to be truly creative: to test different, sometimes crazy ideas with our colleagues and try new things. However, this is fatal, because if we don’t occasionally venture off the beaten track into new territory, the likelihood of us stumbling upon something new and being able to adapt it successfully for us is also weak. Get back in the next few days Time for a few breaksbecause they usually reward you for it many new ideas. And there is a good chance that there is a very good one among them! Apart from that, you have the opportunity to use the time around the end of the year to realign yourself and the projects you are involved in and lead them to success.

Health horoscope: stay healthy and alert with these tips

Our body is a complicated thing: it’s only when something goes wrong that we realize how much our health should mean to us. A disease can change our life – and last but not least a lot of pain inflict But very few of us take preventive measures to stay fit and healthy: sufficient exercise, good and fresh food and healthy sleep – all this can already have a preventive effect. When we get sick, we promise to pay more attention to these kinds of things in the future. A disease can also Adopt a healthier lifestyle be. In the future, you should no longer accept excuses: for a healthy life it must be time, whatever the dates that torment us. It can help to take a few steps to stay fit and healthy even in wintery conditions. Lots of fresh fruits and hot tea are well-known remedies to boost your health and ward off the cold during the cold season.

Know what the heart wants – thanks to the love horoscope

Avoiding arguments is not easy and it happens again and again that lovers pick on each other’s wool. This should in no way be interpreted as a failure of the relationship, even if you imagined the time together differently. Even if they are not liked, arguments between couples usually still occur. At times like these, however, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. So you should always remember that even if we don’t want to, we can hurt our partner a lot with words. Sometimes when we feel hurt, we forget that our partner doesn’t want to hurt us. Instead, focus on the fact that there is something that is making your partner so upset and that you can definitely help them through it. Those who are alone in winter probably particularly often feel the need for closeness or wish to have someone by their side. But fulfillment does not always lie in a romantic relationship. Why not invite your best friend over for coffee or throw a game night when the winter temperatures are chilly outside.
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